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favorite picture books for 2 year olds

Favorite Picture Books for 2-4 Year Olds

Charlie has read many of the same books over and over the past two years. He’s loved all of these books and the reason I lumped books for 2-4 year olds together is because he started reading most of them when he was 2, but he still enjoys them at age 4. He’s always loved […]


Diaper Bag Review: Kate Spade Denise

After my last post on my perfect diaper bag, a few of you voiced interest in the Kate Spade Denise, so I thought it would be worth doing a review!  This is my current diaper bag. I wish I had gotten this from the getgo because I think if I had, it would’ve been my […]

comparing eco-friendly diapers

Eco-Friendly Diaper Price Comparison

I wrote a review for Honest diapers here a while ago. We have loved them and the cost didn’t end up being too much for us because a one-month supply would last about 6-7 weeks. But recently I’ve been looking for areas to cut costs in order to pay for my tuition and J’s daycare. […]

Early Intervention – A Little Update

We have had our next 2 appointments with Early Intervention and are now awaiting the last step, which is meeting the actual therapists who will come into our home to work with Juliet personally. Our first meeting was the Family Information Meeting. I met with our case manager, Carol Ann, who will remain Juliet’s coordinator […]


Mo Willem’s The Pigeon Needs a Bath! Giveaway

This contest is now closed. The winner is Grace! .  .  .  .  . We are huge, huge fans of Mo Willems in our house and own tons of his books including the Elephant & Piggy Series, the Pigeon Series and the Knufflebunny Series. We read books at dinnertime every evening, so finding books that both […]

What I Wish I Knew Then

One of my good friends just had their first child.  I’m so thrilled for her, and it’s time warped me back to all my hopes, worries, and wonders right before I became a parent.  Having recently reached the milestone of surviving the first year with the Toddler Dudes, I can’t even remember half the things […]


Building a Starter Collection of Dress-up Clothes

When I was little, I remember the joy of racing down my best friend’s stairs to her giant trunk of dress up clothes. Whether we were being princesses, fairies or firemen, there was always a whirlwind of action and imaginative play in her basement.  With the right hat on, we could protect our baby sisters […]

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