Now that Lil Miss Wagon is getting older and Wagon Jr. is 4 years old, I’ve decided to just do updates when we get updated stats from the pediatrician. This probably means individual updates for each kid (WJ’s next one being at 5 years old, yikes!), so this will probably be my last combined update for the both of them.


Lil Miss Wagon

Weight: 26.5 lbs (89%)
Length: 34 in (96%)
Head Circumference: 19.25 in (97%)

LMW is full on into the beginnings of her Terrible Twos. So she will throw herself on the ground and scream if she doesn’t get her way… oh so dramatic. On the plus side, however, she is very vocal and friendly. She shows almost no stranger anxiety at all (waving and saying “hi” and “bye bye” to all that pass her), and going places with her is both fun and frustrating.

She’s definitely talking up a storm, FINALLY saying “mommy” and “mama” on a regular basis if I ask her to. Sometimes. She still doesn’t call for me, but she does call for “daddy” and “RJ” or “brother,” as well as “doggie”. She has several names she calls her blankie, including “banky,” “baby,” and “doggie.” She also says “thank you” quite often… even in the midst of a tantrum, if you hand her what she wanted, she says, “dat-doo!” tearfully. She has learned to say “help please,” but we do still have to remind her to say it.


Lately she has been obsessed with books! She particularly likes The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Slide and Seek Animal Alphabet, Baby Touch and Feel books (especially Things that Go and Colors and Shapes), a couple of tiny little board books we have, and any book that has buttons to press to play music.


LMW was sick during the holidays off and on for WEEKS, and when she was first sick, she barely ate. Since then her eating has picked back up but isn’t the same as before. But she still loves fruits, most veggies, and meat, especially burgers. She’s not crazy about pasta or eggs, which is the total opposite of WJ at this age. She loves french fries, too, which WJ still doesn’t really like. It’s just as frustrating as it was to get him to eat the things he didn’t like, but it’s kinda funny since we can get a full meal and they’d split it right down the middle. They might fight over the meat though.


LMW’s sleep remains pretty consistent, but now that she’s been in daycare for almost 3 months, it’s pretty clear that she still really needs 2 naps. Sometimes her nap will be good at daycare (around 2 hours) and that will lead to a normal evening and a decent morning wakeup (around 7am), but usually her nap is around an hour long, which will lead to an iffy evening of crying wakeups and a very early morning wakeup (around 5 or 6am). On weekends, she sometimes skips a nap, but usually ends up taking 2 naps about an hour each, and sleeps in beautifully those days (sometimes as late as 8am!). Her sleep totals can dip below 11 hours on daycare days and go up to over 14 hours on weekend days.

Wagon Jr.

Height: 37.5 in (4%)
Weight: 36 lbs (49%)
BMI: 18 (96%)

So yeah. WJ is falling off of his height curve, coming in at an alarming 4th percentile at age 4. We’re not SUPER concerned, and neither is our pediatrician, considering both Wagon Sr. and I were really tiny children, but we are keeping an eye on it and we will bring him in to be measured each time LMW goes in for a well visit. It is pretty crazy how quickly LMW is catching up to him… strangers have always asked if they were twins, and now they probably just assume they are.


WJ’s favorite things these days are superheroes (Iron Man, but just recently switching to Captain America), Angry Birds (he plays on our Roku), building things, and drawing. He’s at a very fun age and talks up a storm. He will talk your ear off if you let him. He will ask the same question over and over… if you let him!


WJ still really needs a nap, but is not napping at daycare pretty much 90% of the time. If we get a daycare nap, we consider it a miracle. This leads to super early bedtimes (around 6:15pm), but he falls asleep immediately and wakes up the next morning between 6 and 7am. On the weekends he almost always takes a nap. He loves to nap in the car. His weekend naps are almost always 2 hours long because he’s so sleep deprived from a week of no naps.


Time outs still work on WJ, thank God. We usually have a few time outs a week. We also have a sticker chart (the first one he filled out completely and got his set of real drums, this one has small prizes he can collect like a trip to the ice cream store, a trip to the indoor playground, etc) and that has been working really well for him as well. We usually use it for toy area cleanups. He is great at following directions (turn off your lamp and close your door, wash your hands, put your milk back in the fridge, put your dish in the sink, etc.) but sometimes we have to ask him several times.


We do get talk back and attitude at times, and sometimes flat out not listening at all. I find myself turning into Mean Mommy pretty often lately because sometimes I lack the patience to make sure I have his attention before making a request. And I just have zero patience for attitude. If he shows any attitude, I make him backtrack and say whatever it is he said with a good attitude instead. If he can’t, it’s straight to time out. He’s only four… it’s only going to get worse, so I’m not hesitant at all to begin the attitude no-tolerance policy now so he is aware of my stance!



Sibling Love

WJ and LMW definitely have begun some fighting, usually over toys, but in general they get along really well. Sometimes WJ will yell at LMW the way we yell at him: “LMW! Finish your food!” and we have to stop him and remind that only Mommy and Daddy are allowed to do that.

But he also has shown possessive and protective instincts about his baby sister, which always brings tears to my eyes. We’ve watched him run over and hold her hand as she tries to descend stairs, insist on sitting next to her at the snack table at daycare (instead of the other kids), and even shield her with his body when a horde of bigger kids comes running towards her. And considering one of her favorite words every single day is his name (or, as she says it, “ar-shay”) I think the feeling is mutual.



That’s it from us for now! See you in the summer, when our “baby” LMW turns TWO…!!