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My Favorite Easy Meal: Wasabi Mayo Salmon

Calling anything a favorite is a big statement, but this one really is (as long as you don’t overcook the salmon)!  Not only is this super easy to make, but it is fancy enough to serve to guests or bring to potlucks – every time I make this, someone asks for the recipe.  It has […]


Miss H: 23 Month Update

My oh my how the months are flying by! This past month has been slightly more challenging with Miss H getting sick with a terrible cold. However, we count our blessings that this was her first sickness of the winter season (and now it’s officially spring, so that’s exciting!). We juggled minimal sleep, an uncomfortable […]


Feeding our Family for $300/month – Part 2

In a previous post, I shared that our family has a pretty tight budget when it comes to groceries and explained some of the guiding principles that we go by when making decisions about our food purchases. Today I thought I would share how we go about making a meal plan. When planning our month, […]

Get thee to sleep!

In the words of Lady Capulet from Romeo and Juliet: “Get thee to bed, and rest; for thou hast need.” Thou hast need, but thou doesn’t realize that sleep will meet said need. My daughter is incapable of putting herself to sleep. Even with us rocking her to sleep she will fight it tooth and […]


Strategy Games

I currently watch a little seven year old girl around the corner a few days a week after school. It’s a nice way to earn a little money and get out of the house, and it’s nice to work with a child that isn’t the same age as my own. As an only child like […]

Monster Spary; a mother's secret weapon

Something is in the closet

In our house we have had an ongoing infestation.  Well not our whole house, just the closets.  It’s not something we can call an exterminator for.  Mr. Train and I unfortunately cannot win this battle and I fear it will continue to plague our house for years.  Some nights it is out of control and […]

orange and turquoise rooms

Room Sharing: Unisex Toddler Room Inspiration

We have been wanting the kids to share a room for awhile now, but decided to wait until Jaren was at least a year old to make the transition.  We have a few reasons for wanting them to share a room.  We’re hoping a shared room will promote sibling closeness, and provide them more opportunities to bond.  […]

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