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Baby Hair

Both Drake and Juliet were blessed with copious amounts of hair at birth. Other moms of babies with less hair, grandmothers, bald men… they all would quip about the dark head of hair on my children’s heads and how striking, long, and bountiful it was. For what it’s worth, I was also born with a […]

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Mason Jar Art Supply Storage

Liam is just starting to get into arts and crafts now that he is two years old. I had a basket where I kept the chalk for our kitchen chalkboard (it is on the side of a cabinet and goes all the way to the floor so he can draw on it, too), but once […]

Preparing Your Kids for Emergencies

Recently Charlie got separated from his after school program when they went back in the school without him after playing outside on the playground. He was never in any danger, and was with another after school program’s kids and their teachers the entire time. He was a little scared by the whole experience, and our […]


Our growing family

We are so excited to announce that coming this October our family of three will be growing to four! I know I’ve been pretty absent the last few months, and the truth of it is, morning sickness has been brutal. Feeling sick coupled with Little Deer only taking two 30-minute naps a day (come on […]

Budget Alternatives for Popular Gear

I used to think the wedding industry was a big money-sucker, but babies, oh babies! A wedding is but a day, but a baby is anything but a one time event. There is so much gear, clothes, toys and everything to acquire throughout the way, and a lot of money to be spent. Here’s a […]


If My Toddler Was 18

Someone recently told me that the traits that can make toddlers extremely challenging at age two are the same qualities that other would likely admire when they are young adults.  While it is hard to imagine my little guy in kindergarten, much less graduating high school, I thought it would be fun to explore this […]


Miss H’s Second Birthday Party

I recently shared my inspiration for Miss H’s second birthday party – an indoor picnic theme! I’m happy to say that her party went off incredibly well and we all had a lot of fun! And while we kept everything relatively simple, it still felt like a lot of work to pull everything together! Mr. H […]

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