Liam loves animals and trucks, so when we decided to have a party for his second birthday, we thought that a farm theme would be perfect. There is a family farm nearby that hosts parties and Liam loves it there, so we decided to splurge and it was so worth it.


Liam arrived and was so excited to be at the farm. He had been talking about it for weeks and it was so fun seeing his joy.

The farm doesn’t provide food, but since we had the party after lunch, we just needed snacks and drinks. We brought lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, some chips with dip, deviled eggs, and, of course, cupcakes. I ordered them from the grocery store and they were pretty, delicious, and inexpensive! The party favors were cowboy hats and navy blue bandanas, which many of the kids and adults wore throughout the party. I decorated the table with more bandanas and lots of cute baskets, as well as mason jars filled with grocery store flowers.

Once most of the guests had arrived, we all went on a horse drawn wagon ride around the farm. We got to see all the crops that are grown and that also can be picked by visitors. Liam got to sit up front with the driver and me and he loved it!

When we got back, we ate and sang happy birthday to Liam before heading out to the animal center to feed the animals and ride the ponies, the train, and do some other fun activities.

Liam LOVES to ride the ponies and with all his friends and family watching, he couldn’t stop smiling and waving! It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He was like the mayor of the farm!

For the invitation, Liam’s grandma drew an adorable picture with Liam in overalls and a cowboy hat surrounded by animals, and I asked Brittany of Brittany Garner Design to work her magic. We received so many compliments on those invitations and I’m so glad I asked for help instead of trying to do it myself.

Everyone had a great time at the party and we loved celebrating at one of Liam’s favorite places. When it was over, I said we wouldn’t have a big party for his third birthday, but knowing myself, I might not be able to resist! It’s a lot of work planning and hosting parties, but it’s also so fun and so worth it to see my boy’s smiling face.


Location – Underwood Family Farms
Bandanas – AmazonStraws – Amazon
Hats – Oriental Trading
Berry Baskets – Think GarnishBushel Baskets – Michael’s
Cupcakes – Ralph’s
Invitations – Brittany Garner Design
DIY Happy Birthday Banner

Some photos by my kind neighbor, Jess,  and some by me.