Easter is one of those holidays where I have to restrain myself from overdoing it.  Even though it isn’t a gift-oriented holiday, it falls during an opportune window for us.  It has been four months since Christmas, and it is four months until Scribble’s next birthday.  I don’t tend to buy many gifts “just because,” so Easter is a good time to introduce something new.  In the last month or so, Scribble’s language has really taken off, and so has his imaginative play.  So there are a lot of fun toys out there that I can’t wait to share with him! Here’s what I’d like to tuck in his Easter basket:

 1) I Am a Bunny – I fell in love with this book as soon as I saw it.  The vintage illustrations are the very definition of swoon-worthy.  I love that it moves through the whole cycle of the seasons.

2) Schleich Rabbit – I’d love to start a collection of Schleich animals for Scribble. I love that they are so life-like and detailed.

3) Freight Train – This Caldecott Honor book is perfect for Scribble right now, since it reinforces colors and teaches concepts of movement. Plus he loves trains and trucks right now!

4) Fruit and Veggie Wavy Chopper Knife – This crinkle cutter is a great introductory knife for a young toddler. Perfect for cutting bananas!

5) Wooden Cars – I found Scribble a wooden car similar to this one for sale at a local restaurant.  But Etsy has tons of options!

6) Animal Stickers – Stickers are a creative, economical choice for an Easter basket or prizes to use inside plastic eggs. I just got Scribble some stickers at the drugstore, but I found these on Amazon and thought they were super cute! The book would be ideal for a basket, and the roll would be ideal for egg hunts.

Will your little ones get an Easter basket? What are you planning to include?