Little Lion is 13 months old now, and we are almost completely weaned from the bottle! It was a long road to get there…I read Mrs. Tea’s post about her little one’s experience over and over. But in the end, there was nothing I could really do to hurry the process. We kept offering, he kept taking a sip and tossing them to the floor. Until one day something magical happened. He tipped the cup up, and drank an entire 4 ounces of milk. Success!

In the process, I purchased several different cups. I ended up never finding one that is perfect, but instead I now have several favorites, each with a different purpose. Our goal is to have LL drinking out of an open cup as soon as possible, so we prefer cups without a valve and without a bottle-like spout (I know the Nubys are popular with sippy-learning babies, but they seemed too bottle-like to us, so we skipped this stage and just let him continue using his bottles instead).

These are the cups that ended up being winners in our house. Once LL decided he was okay drinking from a cup, he started using them all interchangeably. He doesn’t seem to prefer one over another at this point (although despite our best attempts he still won’t drink from a straw).


1. Tupperware Bell Tumble Sippy Cups  – These are our favorite by far, and we use them almost exclusively at home! These are the same cups that Mr. Lion and I grew up using, and they were one of our first baby purchases (ah, nostalgia). They are relatively unchanged from the 80s when we were using them, and we appreciate their longevity. I love that they will be used for years, since they make an excellent open cup as well (Mr. Lion’s mom still has some in her cabinets that get regular use 30+ years later). The only downside is that they are not great for on-the-go, as there is no way to close off the top.

2. Thermos Foogo Straw Bottle – This is the cup we use when we are going to be on the go all day and need to bring milk. LL still refuses to suck out of a straw, so I have to bring a second cup with us for now, but I love that this keeps milk cold for such a long time (10 hours).

3. Munchkin Insulated Spoutless Cups – This is our only cup with a valve, but since it is spoutless it fits one of our big criteria. I like this one because it is insulated, so it keeps milk cold longer than the Take and Toss for shorter outings that require us to bring milk, like going out to lunch or dinner.  So far no spills in the diaper bag, so that is a big win.

4. Take and Toss – These are very similar to our beloved Tupperware cups, except that they are much less expensive and (if you buy the right package) come with a spout cover. These are my favorite for taking water in the diaper bag. The spout cover has worked well so far, but I don’t quite trust it enough to put milk in these cups in the diaper bag, plus it isn’t insulated at all so it wouldn’t do much for keeping the milk cold. We have some of the straw cup version of these as well, and we will use them more at home once LL is willing to use the straw. The straw cups are not at all leak proof, so they won’t ever be good for on the go use.