Last year we didn’t do much for Easter – we took Miss H to see the Easter Bunny and I bought an Easter basket from the $1 aisle at Target, which I filled with a few new books. It was cute and worked out perfectly for our almost-1-year-old.

This year, Miss H will be just turning 2 and old enough to get excited about celebrating the non-religious side of Easter: a bunny! A basket filled with goodies! An egg hunt! Exciting stuff for a little one. I upgraded her Easter basket to a nicer one that should hold up well over the years, and have bought some fun stuff to put in it: a new book, sunglasses, bunny ears, and a new sunhat. She’ll love all of it and I can’t wait for the, umm, Easter bunny to give it to her! But I also wanted to incorporate a little Easter egg hunt for her around our house for Easter morning. I know she’ll get a kick out of looking for the eggs and putting them in her basket! I’m really looking forward to it.

So while I was at Target a couple of weeks ago, I picked up this cute set of fillable eggs (it’s much cuter in person!).


Once I’d picked out the eggs to fill, I realized that I had nothing to fill them with! As I looked around the Easter aisles at the store, it was candy, candy, and more candy! We don’t give Miss H candy. She doesn’t know the word or that it exists, and I’d like to keep it this way for awhile longer! I know that this will eventually be a battle that we’ll lose as she gets older, but for the time being I am happy with keeping her oblivious to its existence.

But without candy, what is one to put into these little eggs, all while being conscious of not giving my little toddler a lot of small, easy to swallow items? After some brainstorming I’ve found the following awesome options for filling Miss H’s Easter eggs.

Hair Bows & Clips – Obviously this won’t be an option if you’re filling eggs for a little boy, but at Target I found a lot of adorable little clips and bows that Miss H will just love to have us put in her hair! They’re relatively inexpensive and you can easily put 1 clip/bow per egg if you have a lot of eggs to fill. I especially love these polka dot clips I picked up!

If you have an approved cracker or cookie that your little one enjoys, these can easily fill up some eggs! Miss H loves Annie’s Bunny Graham cookies – they’re one of her only sweet treats – so she’ll love finding a few of these in some of her eggs.

Stickers – Miss H loves stickers, like a lot of little kids, and she can easily occupy herself for a long time decorating pieces of paper! And stickers, like everything else on my list, are inexpensive and easy to include just 1 or 2 in each egg if you have a lot of eggs you need to fill.

Socks – We can never have enough socks in our house, and I have always loved having a wide variety so that I can match them perfectly with Miss H’s outfits. So what better to stuff into an egg than socks? They’re cheap to purchase, you always need them, and if your toddler is like mine, he or she probably gets really exited by having new pairs to choose from! I had been eyeing some from Old Navy that are super adorable, including these bunny socks!

I can’t wait to fill all of Miss H’s eggs this weekend with all of these fun little treats and hide them around the house – she’s going to have so much fun finding them all!

What’s your favorite non-candy treat for Easter eggs?