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Destination: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

My husband scored four days off over Memorial Day weekend, so we took advantage of his vacation time and went on a mini road trip up to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


Foster Parent Week

I had no idea there was such a week, but this week apparently is it. I would imagine that most foster parents overlook it because life is so hectic. For example, this is my calendar. Anything red, gray, or purple is foster care related. Green is related to the four of us. So you can […]


What You Should Be Buying at Old Navy, right now.

Because what’s better than hearing about a sale? Hearing about a sale and seeing a quick run down of the best items in that sale, right? At the very least it’s fun to see. Old Navy is having a sale (they pretty much always do), and while I was scoping it out I thought why […]

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Post partum, sleep deprivation and the baby blues

One thing I was surprised about was that not many women talk about recovery right after birth. All I saw were happy, smiley pictures of the baby and all the crying and misery seemed to be kept in private. I, for one, could not stop screaming from the rooftops about how difficult it was for […]


Room Reveal: Pint-Sized Picasso’s Toddler Room

Last weekend, I finally put the finishing touches on Pint-Sized Picasso’s Toddler Room. I originally posted my inspiration board a year ago (!!) and am proud to say that I stayed the course on it for the most part. (That’s not normally how re-decorating projects go for me.) Not only did I stick to my […]

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Strawberry-Banana Rye Muffins

May has been crazy. We planned a lot of travel to visit family and friends before the last month of this pregnancy, when I plan to stay close to home. On the few days we’ve been home between trips, we’ve been eating easy, basic meals and preparing healthy, travel-friendly snacks for our next flight. These […]


Colin’s Second Birthday Party

We had a blast last weekend at Colin’s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie SLASH sport-themed birthday extravaganza.  And by extravaganza, I mean a couple dozen of our closest friends hanging out at the park, enjoying the great weather and gorging on cookies, cake and brunch. The dual theme really fell by the wayside, with focus […]

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