I’m fortunate that I have a lot of maternity clothes from my first pregnancy, and have friends who have given me a lot of their old summer maternity clothes (as I’m going to be quite large in the summer, whereas with Miss H I was quite large in the winter). However, I’ve had a bit of a pants shortage. In my quest for securing new maternity pants, I have been limiting myself to full panel pants only. My first pregnancy I purchased the cutest pair of demi panel work pants. I only wore them once because they were constantly falling off of me! I don’t have much in the way of hips – probably had less my first pregnancy – so my theory was that I just couldn’t hold up the pants. I remember miserably walking to work and going from feeling cute to pulling those darn pants up every 10 steps! From that point on, I only stuck with full panel pants as I figured there was no chance for those to fall down!

This time around I’ve bought a few pairs of full panel pants, but I was desperately in need of a pair of skinny black pants to wear for work. I felt like those would go with everything and would transition well from spring to summer to fall. However, most of the places I looked at only seemed to have the perfect skinny pant with a demi panel. It was much harder to find a good pair of full panel pants! Also, I wanted to keep this purchase relatively budget-friendly. After searching high and low, I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair that I’d been eyeing from Gap, assuming I could just return them if they were really terrible. They were, of course, demi panel. Oh the horror!

Enter Gap’s Demi Panel Skinny Pants:



I purchased this pant true to my pre-pregnancy size. They are simply amazing. The pants are a lovely stretchy material. The demi panel band is also quite stretchy and hugs your tummy without being uncomfortable. Which means, of course, that these pants do not constantly fall down the way my other demi panel pants did (which were also from Gap). They look professional enough for work (at least in my office) but could also be worn out to dinner.

Moral of the story? Don’t let one bad experience turn you off to something altogether. Or, try a bunch of different styles of maternity pants until you find the perfect pair for you! I think pants are especially tough to shop for, pregnant or not, and even harder when so many stores don’t carry their maternity lines in-store, which means you’re stuck with shopping online and doing a lot of guesswork. And by ruling out all demi panel pants, I was ruling out 75% of the pants I was seeing online, leaving me with limited options. Taking a chance paid off and I feel like these pants will serve me well throughout my pregnancy (and, umm, possibly beyond…I might not throw these out!).

Have you found your go-to pair of maternity pants? If so, were you surprised you ended up liking the style you ended up with?