I was pretty good about taking weekly “bump photos” the first time around, as you can see here and here. I got a little lazy toward the end, but as I recall I just got bigger and bigger by the 40 week mark anyway.

While I’m very excited about this second pregnancy, I’ve definitely been a little lax with documenting everything. Life is just too, too busy! But I’ve finally gotten around to having Mr. H take a 15 week “bump shot.” I thought it would be fun to compare the bump between pregnancies.

Pregnancy #1 at 15 weeks:

Pregnancy #2 at 15 weeks:

I’ve definitely popped a lot sooner this time around, as I’ve heard is common for second pregnancies. I have been in maternity pants since about 10 weeks (maybe even sooner?) and by 12 weeks I’ve been wearing mostly maternity shirts with the exception of a few non-maternity work shirts that are looser and longer. It’s just crazy how quickly this belly has shown up!

Did you “pop” faster the second time around?