We just got back from an Alaskan cruise, which I will post about later, but in Juneau we stumbled across this amazing Little Library in front of someone’s house. It contained books for children and adults inside and from the title on top, it seemed like the Little Free Library might be an international movement.

Juneau, AK

Indeed, the Little Free Library was started in Wisconsin in 2009 and has popped up in over 40 countries worldwide with over 15,000 Little Libraries. This one in Juneau had a little notebook on the top shelf for passerbys to write things in, and when I did a quick google search of this today, I found a recent article that mentioned the notebook was written in by people from Hawaii to Seattle (that’s me! Woot woot!).


Hand built libraries are available for purchase and there also also instructions on how to make your own. There is the option of making the library into a seed and recipe exchange, and the artist in me thinks it would be amazing to have some sort of communal art journals. Their Pinterest page showcases many Little Libraries – doppelgangers of the houses they stand in front of, miniature British telephone booths, nods to Dr. Who – my favorite is the Theatre from Atlanta, GA.

Here’s a great map of where to find them all over the world. Have you seen one of these in your neighborhood? I know what’s on my birthday wish list from my handy father this summer!

Summit, NJ

Redmond, Wa

Northfield, MN

Lancaster, PA

Decatur, IL

College Park, GA

Atlanta, GA