I shared awhile back about our many frustrations with Miss H’s pediatrician. We had one terrible experience after that next, and her 18-month well visit (that literally lasted for hours due to the terrible staff) left us fuming and finally ready to make a switch.

Apparently we didn’t take a photo of Miss H at her 2-year well visit, so here’s a shot of her “creatively” wearing her sunglasses!

We were fortunate to find a pediatrician that is a 10 minute walk from our house. Mr. H set up a meet-and-greet visit with the doctor to see if she was someone who would be a good fit for our family. Overall, he was very pleased with the doctor and her practice. Beyond loving the close proximity to our home, she has some Saturday hours, a nice waiting room area with lots of toys (something our old office lacked as it was technically as general practitioner’s office), and the doctor was warm and friendly. The biggest downside was that she was the only doctor in the practice, but she assured him that whenever she is not available she does have a network of other pediatricians to be on call for emergencies/questions.


Figuring we certainly couldn’t do much worse than our last office, we decided to transfer everything over to this new pediatrician and set up an appointment for Miss H’s 2-year well visit, which was a couple of months after Mr. H’s initial meeting with the doctor.

During that 2 month timeframe, Miss H got sick with a terrible cold and she sounded a little wheezy. Even though Miss H had yet to see the doctor yet, we called her to find out if what signs we should be watching to determine if Miss H’s cold was taking a turn for the worse. Our old office staff could be very rude when we would call with questions, and often the doctor would never even get the message to call us back. So we were thrilled when our new doctor called back right away, was super warm and friendly, and provided plenty of advice. Someone from the officeĀ even called back a couple of days later to see how Miss H was doing.

When it came time for Miss H’s 2-year visit, it was a really wonderful experience. We saw a nurse promptly at our scheduled appointment time. She was warm and friendly and had a great bedside manner with Miss H. Because the exam rooms are on the perimeter of the big waiting room, Miss H could play with the toys throughout the appointment. So while either Mr. H or I would talk to the doctor and answer questions, Miss H could be out playing at the train table. It was so much more relaxed and less stressful than our last office, where we’d be cooped up in a tiny exam room for an hour.

The doctor was wonderful with Miss H, who didn’t get upset for any part of the exam. Even during a blood draw from her finger, she just watched with wonder while they collected the blood sample. I was shocked!

Overall, I’m so incredibly happy we made this switch, especially with a second baby on the way! We should have trusted our gut a long time ago and found a practice that was friendlier and more accommodating to the needs of a young child. And in, general, one that really valued quality patient care and satisfaction! Living in a big city, we are fortunate to have a lot of options, and in this situation it was long overdue for us to exercise those options!

Are you considering making a similar switch with your LO’s pediatrician? If so, what’s been holding you back?