My brother convinced me that alligators lived under my bed and that my floor turned to lava whenever I would turn the light off at night. You can picture me running down the hall and leaping into my bed to avoid burning my feet and narrowly escaping those pesky alligators. Never mind the fact that he’s 5 years younger than me, so as the oldest kid, I really should have known better. Also, I was like 8. I really have no excuses for this one.

I’m admitting this because it shows that I had a reason to be scared.  Maybe not a great one, and you’d think at eight years old your common sense would be a bit more developed, but still — it’s a reason.  So imagine my surprise when my 2.5 year old declared that monsters live in her bedroom.  She’s never seen a monster — not even a silly one like the monsters from Monsters, Inc.  Well, I take that back.  Her pull-ups have a monster on them but she calls them silly monsters and made up noises for them.  She isn’t afraid of those monsters, and we did make sure to clarify what kind of monsters were in her room.  The scary kind, she said, not the silly ones.

We tried reasoning with her and telling her that monsters aren’t in her room.  She didn’t believe us, so we had to break out the Big Guns and use our Monster Spray.  That didn’t work either.  These were certainly stubborn monsters!  They didn’t hide in a particular place, Chloe told us, so they were really hard to find.

We were coincidentally replacing the carpet in her bedroom the same week that our monsters appeared.  I wish we would have thought of this method sooner because it was a very long week with Chloe sleeping in our bed.  But, after my husband ripped the carpet out and before he started sanding down the sub-floor, we had to scare the monsters away.  This meant screaming at the top of our lungs, shouting for them to GO AWAY, and making as much noise as we possibly could. For Chloe, this was heaven. We’ve been asking her to use her indoor voice lately so to be indoors and screaming?  Heaven.


Our efforts worked.  Those pesky monsters went away, but not without a fight.  We had to scream a little louder and bang a few more pots.  My husband gasped and said, “IT WORKED!  They’re gone!  I just saw the last one leave!  He’s so frightened!” and Chloe told him, “Daddy, no.  There’s a DRAGON in my room.”  Now we were dealing with monsters and dragons, so this is a pretty big deal. Time to make some more noise!  And what do you know, that awful dragon slipped out the window.

It’s been about a week and our efforts remain successful.  Chloe is peacefully back into her bed, safe from dragons and scary monsters.

Have you ever dealt with monsters in your toddler’s room?  How did you handle it?

on second thought, maybe these monsters are actually scared of her.

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