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So here we were, in the rain, minding our own business...

Fun With Ticks and Jane

So here we were, in the rain, minding our own business… Yes, yes; I know. There is no “fun” where ticks are concerned. Frankly, anything that sucks blood out of my body without my permission (which would be denied, by the way) is free to go suck something else. However, I do like to spend […]

May Activities for Infants/Toddlers

I shared previously that I will be attempting to plan activities for Little Lion this year based on a monthly theme. May’s theme is Little Critters. These activities are intended for Little Lion, who will be 14 months old, but they could easily be adapted for an older or younger child. Please consider your child’s current […]


Some Tips on Traveling WITHOUT Your Kids

Just three weeks ago, Mr. Piñata and I returned from a 9 day trip to Italy! We have always wanted to take a trip to Europe together, but due to various circumstances (mostly financial), this was the first time it really made sense, so we were quite excited about the chance. Mr. Piñata’s sister and […]


Taco-less Taco Bowls

For the past week I have been doing the WHOLE30. The Paleo diet is something that has intrigued and interested me for years, and I have adopted many of their principles into my lifestyle, but I’ve never done a full “paleo plunge.” Even though I considered myself a healthy, clean eater, I’ve still struggled with […]


Speech Therapy: Initial Evaluation

I recently wrote about our realization that Little Deer needed speech therapy. After getting the referral from our pediatrician at LD’s 15-month appointment, the next step was to have her evaluated by a Speech-Language Pathologist. Fortunately, there was a great office of SLP’s just across the street from our pediatrician, so we didn’t have to […]


Exploring Watercolor with kids

This summer, I am finally doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – teach art lessons! I’ve been held back by the notion that the time wasn’t right, that I was too busy with the day-to-day with the kids and by my own fears. But I’ve finally realized that the conditions will […]


Can You Do Me A Favor

Drake is at the amazing age where he is learning more about his own independence as well as trying out new abilities and accomplishments.  Along with that he is also developing a understanding of what he wants and doesnt want, which doesn’t always line up with what mommy and daddy want for him. These two […]

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