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family maternity photos

I don’t know how to put into words how much these photos mean to me.  I wanted to contact our photographer, Leeann, last summer; we wanted another child, and I really wanted photos of the three of us before we became a family of four, but it was a difficult summer for us. We had […]

How I Really Feel About Having A Newborn

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and will be “full-term” in about two weeks.  My actual due date is at the very beginning of August. How do I feel about meeting baby in August?  I am excited and curious to see what this next little person will be like. Will he be anything like me?  The first […]


Talking About the Birds and the Bees with Kids, Part 1

Now that our son is 4 1/2, he’s started to ask more questions about the birds and the bees. When I was a kid, most parents would wait as long as they could before having a Big Talk with their children (usually way after it would have been useful). Or, they would completely avoid the […]

Toys I Want to Make My Kids

I love toys.  Even before I had kids, I used to like to pass through the toy aisles in Target to look at what was out there. Now that I have kids, I spend a lot of time researching the best educational toys and games to buy them.  Recently I started to pin some toy […]


Packing for an Airplane: Using the Dollar Store

Mr. Pen’s family lives in New York, so he tries to make a point to visit every year. This year, due to my school and work schedule, I’ll be unable to join him – but he’s planned a fun-filled trip with J and spending lots of time with his family he scarcely sees. In preparation […]

nostalgic childhood toys

Nostalgic Childhood toys

I was super excited to round up my favorite childhood toys, but was I sad to see that the updated versions of Operation, Guess Who, the EZ Bake Oven and countless other toys look markedly different than I remember, and the consensus is that they aren’t as well made as they used to be. But […]

Transitioning to a Twin Bed

A few weeks ago, we transitioned Chloe to a twin bed.  The timing was a little tricky. We originally wanted to reuse her crib/toddler bed in the nursery, but the baby’s room is considerably smaller and we didn’t want to make her feel like she was giving her bed to the baby. At the same […]

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