This is my husband’s third Father’s Day, and buying a gift for him is just as difficult as it is for his birthday or Christmas.   I asked our 2.5 year old for her input, and she told me she wants to get Daddy three things:  a color book, kitty cat markers and a Barbie. Oh, and three wishes, Santa Claus and birthday presents.  And maybe some cake.

Perfect.  Everything she wants.

So I suggested maybe we could treat Daddy to a few of his favorite things — craft beer and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, and Chloe said, “Ohhhh!  OKAY!!!”  Done.

I designed these labels to fit a standard beer bottle, and of course included tags for Jelly Belly’s brand-spankin’ new Draft Beer Jelly Beans.  They’re non-alcoholic so even I could enjoy them, and they’re so, so tasty!

And what a great little package, perfect for gift giving on Father’s Day — I used a photo box with a custom label and filled it with tissue to showcase Dad’s favorite craft beer, jelly beans and a beer mug.

Download the labels here. Enjoy!