Now that we know we are having a girl, everyone wants to know if we’ve chosen a name.  The answer is yes, we have, and we also let our two and a half year old name her sister.  We either get really weird looks from this or people think it’s a great story.  Either way, we really did let Chloe name her sister.

I had just found out that I was pregnant.  We told Chloe right away only because she loved to jump on our bellies, especially in bed, and asking her to stop didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  We sat her down, explained that there was a baby growing in mommy’s belly, so she needed to be gentle and careful from now on.  Chloe smiled and touched my belly, and said, “Baby Charlotte!”  I really had just found out we were expecting — I was maybe 4 weeks along! — so we smiled and rolled with it.  She was only 28 months old at the time so we really weren’t sure if she understood what this meant, or if she even know what a baby was


As time went on, Chloe would lay with me and talk to my belly. She is convinced that Little Sis lives in my belly button, and would sometimes make me lay down so she could have a tea party with sis.  She’d talk to her, and say things like, “Would you like some more tea, Charlotte?” or “Hello, Charlotte!  It’s a happy day!”  It was adorable, but I was convinced we were having a boy.  This pregnancy felt different and I was sure that meant we weren’t having a girl.  Everyone on both sides of our families thought for sure it was a boy, too.  So sure, in fact, that my nana started buying boy clothes and blankets long before we had our anatomy scan.  The only two people who thought we were having a girl is Chloe and my 7 year old cousin.

Our anatomy scan was in April and we were shocked to learn we were having another girl.  It was a very early morning scan, so my parents had kept Chloe overnight.  When I went to pick her up, Chloe asked me, “How is Charlotte, mommy?”  She just knew we were having a girl!  We hadn’t had a chance to tell anyone that we knew we were having girl, yet Chloe somehow knew.

We really do love the name and decided that we’d name our second daughter Charlotte.  Neither of us know where Chloe got the name from.  We don’t have any friends or family with that name, and none of her preschool classmates or their siblings have that name.  It’s a complete mystery where it came from, and if you ask Chloe she simply tells you, “That’s my baby sister!”  We are just thrilled (and lucky!) that she chose Charlotte, and not Sparkles or Cake.

How did you choose your child’s name?