It used to be that upon hearing that phrase, I’d used to break out into a cold sweat. For the simple reason that I usually had no idea. In recent years, I’ve become much, much better about menu planning and grocery shopping… and the result is that now I can usually answer that question within seconds, along with what’s for lunch and breakfast and what snacks we have on hand. And if I can’t answer it off the top of my head, I refer to my pretty little “EAT” notepad on the side of the fridge, and my memory is refreshed. Note that I said usually. Because, as good as I may be… I still have days—or weeks—where I’m scrambling and looking for last minute menu ideas.

It goes without saying that Pinterest is a great place to look. But, if you are anything like me, you go on for dinner ideas and the next thing you know you are pinning everything but potential dinner ideas. So, in the past few months, I’ve found myself scrolling through the following sites more and more, and saving Pinterest for those rare and blissful moments of silence.

Here are some of my favorite food sites these days. (In no particular order.)

The Food Network

I feel like this one is kind of a “gimme.” You know, since it’s the food network and all… and it has tons of celebrity chefs featured. But I actually became a fan of this one from the magazine by the same name. It’s one of the few magazines that I subscribe too, and every month I found myself heading right to the “Fast Suppers” section. Now, I just head right towards the “30-Minute Dinners” on the site… or I swing by the “Easy Pantry Recipes” to see what I can whip up. I love the food photography, and most of their meals are something we all enjoy. While not in my “regular” click-list… this site also offers many, many “Family Friendly” weeknight meal sections as well. This summer, my oldest and I plan to make a few meals from their “Cook Together. Eat Together” page.

The Pioneer Woman

I’ve been a loooooong-time fan of Ree Drummond and her amazing kitchen creations. (Well before she was even affiliated with the above site/station/magazine.) There are certain meals of hers that are in our constant rotation around here… but when I’m in a pinch and trying to figure out dinner… I head right to her “16-Minute Meal” section. I adore her writing style and the humor she brings to all her posts. But what I love most is that she just makes I have yet to make a recipe of hers that my husband hasn’t said, “Wow! This is good!” In fact, both he and Mini know that when they see shrimp and enchilada sauce in the same grocery order there’s Quesadillas de Camarones on the menu for the week!


This is one of the newer sites to my repertoire… but, wow, what an addition it is! The blogger highlights that she’s not professionally trained, and she focuses on quick and easy meals for the “everyday home cook.” {<– in other words, me.} I feel that this site is super approachable and not at all intimidating. Not only has Chung-Ah posted a compilation of Thirty-Minute Meals, she has other great compilations in her Recipe Index—”Asian Inspired,” “Slow Cooker,” and “Vegetarian.” [Spoiler alert: one of my upcoming posts is based on one of her recipes.] All of my boys applaud—literally applaud—when I make certain dishes from her site.


I’m back on the weelicious bandwagon after a looong sabbatical. I first stumbled across them when trying to pack better lunches. (I cannot remember who first directed me to them.) Then, I got the lunch thing under control… and I didn’t visit. Flash forward to a few months ago when I was struggling to find meals that we all would like/be able to eat… and I made my way back. I’ve been a sucker for the “Family Meals” section ever since. One day… I may actually explore some of the other sections too!

And, when all else fails… there’s always pinterest… Right?!

Where do you go for mealtime inspiration?!