Before I had Juliet and wasn’t sure if I would have any other children besides Drake, I bought him a few Lalaloopsy dolls because I found them to be to so cute. Drake still sleeps with one of them to this day. Now I’d love to get Juliet her first real doll. I actually think it’s a little humorous how much I want to buy a doll for Juliet, considering I myself hated dolls for much of my childhood. As a little girl my family gifted me a series of scary and weird dolls that sent me running toward the safety of stuffed animals for many years. Between the Cabbage Patch doll with red hair reminiscent of Chucky and the harlequin clown doll perched on my dresser looking down on me as I slept, dolls as a whole gave me the creeps. But I hope that if I can find a sweet looking doll for Juliet, then maybe she won’t have such a aversion to them in the future as I did when I was young.

I really like Lalaloopsy dolls but after buying a few for Drake, I realized they really aren’t the most snuggable dolls.  They have hard bodies and heads and while cute for older children, I think a first doll for a baby should be soft, maybe even handmade. I use the term doll loosely as I haven’t ruled out an animal like doll either, since there are some pretty adorable ones out there too.

So far these are the ones I have considered:

Bit of Whimsy– I love this doll maker and have my heart set on getting Juliet a doll from her one day.  I really wanted to buy a doll for her as soon as I knew I was having  a baby girl, but I was hoping to have a doll that looked somewhat like her, and I didn’t know what Juliet would look like since she is a mix baby. In the past there have been custom doll slots sold right around the holidays so I am crossing my fingers that we can get one. If there is a premade doll that I like released before then that looks like Juliet I’ll get that, but slots are limited .

JellyCat – I love Jellycat stuffed animals.  Drake had a giraffe as a baby and Juliet has a bunny.  I saw this doll-like bunny and mouse made by them and am considering them since they are probably a great size for a little baby.

Wee Wonderfuls – Wee Wonderfuls is another doll maker I found a few years back when I saw her book on amazon.  Her dolls are adorable but she rarely sells finished dolls, but I recently discovered that she partnered with Land of Nod and makes a few special dolls just for them. They are really sweet but I’m not sure I love the dolls, though I really adore the elephant and pig.

Waldorf – There are many different kinds of Waldorf dolls. The Waldorf style of toys and learning is very appealing to me, but some of the prices the sellers ask for for their dolls is just way too much for me to ever consider spending on a doll for a child. They almost seem like collector pieces at those prices.

Chet and Dot– Another one of my favorite Etsy sellers. I love her doll-like animals. They have such a sweet handmade quality being upcycled from sweaters and other pieces of clothing.  There is just a wonderful charm about knowing them are created by someone and not in a factory.

Blabla – Blabla dolls are so popular and I can see why; they have that wonderful sweet handmade quality to them.  Besides their standard dolls they have their little ones called Boogaloos which might be the perfect size for a first baby doll. They are pricey though, and I almost wonder since I can crochet if its worth paying so much for something I might be able to create myself for a lot less.

.  .  .  .  .

I wish I could sew and make one for her myself as there are some great doll patterns out there that I would love to make, but my sewing is abysmal and I want something well crafted and special for my baby girl.  I have been working on crocheting her these little girls to play with, but it’s slow coming since she was born.

Do you have any sweet doll suggestions for me?