Months ago when I was in the midst of looking for hot air balloon decorations for Drake & Juliet’s birthday, I came upon some paper garlands online. I knew if I studied the images long enough, I would be able to recreate them for the party.

With a circle punch, a heart punch, card stock, fishing wire, and some hot glue, I was able to replicate the garland and make enough for a centerpiece at the party. I am very happy with how it turned out!


You need 3 circles to make one balloon and 3 decorative hearts as well. I hung 4 balloons and hearts per string, so you’d need to punch 12 circles and 12 hearts for one garland, but you could make it longer or shorter depending on your needs.

Fold 2 of the circles and 2 of the hearts in half while one remains flat. Glue the flat piece to the fishing wire using a hot glue gun, then glue the 2 folded pieces to the flat piece. To make it easier, I tied the string to a backdrop stand I had and worked on it vertically. Fishing wire can tangle very easily, so it’s better to have them all set up and hung with some space between them. Don’t move the structure too much lest they tangle into one another.

Short some hot glue burns, the project is fairly quick once you have everything set up!