Oh my lovely long hair, I never wanted to part with you. Perhaps it was because I looked like a boy when I was younger since I had no hair. Or maybe because you are the security blanket for my double chin. Whatever the case, I love you.

But with the extreme heat of the summer, waking up in night sweats, and having Baby Pencil cling to you, I feel as though I have no choice. You’re almost always up in a messy ponytail anyway. Plus, you take forever to dry and time is just not what I have right now! So what’s the use?  Let’s break it off.

Chop chop!

The reason I got it cut was to have it more manageable and easy for a quick ‘do. I typically like trying brand new salons by telling them to do whatever they want. It’s my way of judging them on their artistic skill. I didn’t even tell her how short I wanted it, just that I wanted it shorter. She ended up chopping a good 6 inches off, which I was ok with, but I just didn’t like the style…


The biggest complaint is that it’s NOT easy. There are a ton of layers, which looked good when she blow dried them out, but after a shower I realized I have 10,000 strands of hair in every direction. I have to have at least 3 bobby pins in my hair to keep it away from my eyes and nose. And the length is just long enough to tie in a medium low ponytail, but I prefer a high ponytail.

I also asked for a young style and I feel like this aged me instead. I think I will eventually have to get highlights at some point because I felt so extremely blah. She also styled my hair like “The Rachel” cut from Friends with the flipped out ends! It’s not too bad having a bad haircut in the summer though. My hair is in a ponytail all the time, but I am having issues with sliding ponytail holders with my short hair and strays. Now I simply use rubber bands!

What you should ask for in a Mom Cut:

– something manageable and easy to style (don’t need gels, hairspray, bobby pins etc.)
– able to tie it up ponytail with no strays
– unless you really love bangs, no bangs. Bangs in your eyes are the worst!
– a cut that will last a long time
– volume, especially in the back (because you are probably never going to have time to think about stuff like volume!)
– something youthful!  It’s their job to figure out what this means for you! Hopefully you have a good stylist that really understands face frames and shapes.

Did you get a post mom chop? Were you happy with it?