I think we’re at a really fun stage in the Bear household right now. Both cubs are very enthusiastic when it comes to learning things – in Patrick’s case, he’s actually listening and trying to mimic my actions to the best of his ability then improving on my meager attempts at creative play. In Olivia’s case she’s more intent on destruction, much to the dismay of Patrick, and no amount of gentle redirecting can get her to alter from her decided path. Patrick tries to build while Olivia tries to effectively disassemble. I’m sure you can imagine the wonderful cacophony of noise at my household during those times.

Which is why I’m glad I stumbled across these blocks recently at the Target One Spot. Seriously, guys, I’m in love.

They come in packs of 18 and I’m still kicking myself for only buying two packs because they are fantastic. I love that I can give each kid a pile of them at opposite ends of the table and they’ll stay like that, mostly content for at least two point five seconds. Long enough for me to put my cold cup of coffee in the microwave and push the appropriate buttons. What makes them so wonderful? Well I’m glad you asked!


  • They’re made of foam – which means when your little one decides to dump them over and and over again, from bucket to colander to dump truck, these blocks are blissfully quiet. It also means they’re super lightweight, which combined with their small size is ideal for little hands.

  • They’re brightly colored – sometimes when I buy toys and art supplies, the orange is too close in shade to the red so Patrick gets confused when I ask him to sort them. These little beauties are so colorful they just beg to be played with and your little one will not be able to refuse.
  • There are some different shapes – that’s right, they’re not just all squares (which you can buy a pack of just squares or a combination pack). There are stars, circles, and hearts in addition to the squares.
  • They come with their own plastic bag – which means you can take them anywhere! Grab these bad boys, toss them in your purse, and BOOM! Instant entertainment for your littles while you wait at a restaurant.
  • They’re incredibly versatile – no, really, they are! There are so many ways to play with these things. Here are a few examples:

Stack them high.

Make a rainbow.

Practice patterns.

Some other thoughts about using these shapes:

  • Use them as stamps for art projects, either in paint or play-dough.
  • See if they stick to the side of the tub during bath time.
  • Grab some craft paper – or make cards like these that I found on Pinterest – to help set up matching pattern games, either by shape or by shape and color. Endless possibilities!

Just be sure to keep these away from the younger little ones. While Olivia can play with them and does really enjoy stacking them into small piles, she also has a tendency to stick them in her mouth and chomp down. More than a few of the hearts now have teeth marks since I wasn’t able to get to her in time. Thankfully no missing pieces of the hearts – yet! Watch out boys! – but still something to keep in mind.

What awesome finds have you found in the dollar bins recently?