Would you believe that for the longest time, I was tediously writing down recipes by hand whenever I wanted to cook something new?  All my recipes are jotted down in a spiral-bound notebook.  My organization skills in the recipes department is nil.  I’m usually pretty quick to jump on the technology bandwagon, but with stuff like this, I’ve been slow to the game…

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Pepperplate, a meal planning and recipes app that singlehandedly converted me from a pen-to-paper girl to app fanatic.  The best part is, this app is FREE, and you can access it from both your computer and your phone (available on both Androids and iPhones).

This app is great for saving recipes, and makes it so easy to transform your recipe list into a grocery shopping list too.  It even has a calendar that lets you plan out your 3 meals a day every day of the week (I don’t use this feature though – I prefer a visual on my kitchen whiteboard).


You’ll need both a desktop account, as well as the phone app, in order to unlock its full potential.  You can view recipes on your phone easily, but you can’t add recipes on your phone.  However, whatever recipes you add through your browser should auto-sync onto your phone as long as you have that option turned out.

I love that there are already so many supported, compatible sites that integrates easily with Pepperplate, so if you want a recipe from any of the supported sites, all you have to do is copy/paste the URL and the full recipe gets imported.  The ingredients and quantities automatically get populated into the shopping list section too.

Sites supported on Pepperplate

Easy interface

I love that I can log in to my account from any web browser, copy and paste the recipe URL, and have it synced to my phone… so by the time I hit the grocery store or am about to prep for dinner, all the instructions are right there at my fingertips!

Have you used Pepperplate or any other recipe app for your mealtime needs?