After reading Mrs. Jump Rope’s post on gear items for Baby 2, it made me think and question if I have everything we need for our little guy! I am pretty close to the finish line and expect to deliver in the next couple of weeks!

Fortunately, before we had Toddler Checkers, I made sure to buy a lot of our bigger gear items as gender neutral so that we could reuse them for the next baby.  Truth be told, I was a little sad to pack/give away a lot of her girl items (since I am mostly sure this baby may be our last), knowing we might never use them again!

1.  Hooded Bath Towels – These are still in great condition, and we actually have smaller ones that Toddler Checkers no longer uses which will be the perfect size for our new little one.

2.  Crib and Crib Sheets – All of our crib sheets are gender neutral, so we are able to use them again.

3.  Ergo Baby Carrier:  We received this from our registry with our first baby, and while I have never tried another carrier, I have absolutely no complaints with the Ergo and I used it all the time.  I had heard from other moms that the Baby Bjorn sometimes felt a little restrictive, and when I looked at other wraps for wearing I just couldn’t figure out how to wear them.  The Ergo was lightweight, flexible, and easy to use with just two snaps.  We also have the infant insert so we can start wearing the baby early on.

4.  Projection Mobile – We have been using this forever, and Toddler Checkers loved this mobile. I like that it comes with so many features, and that you can project the images onto the mobile or onto the ceiling when the baby is older.

5.  Glider and Ottoman – I used this quite a bit while nursing, and then every night during our bedtime routine. I love having a glider! We also got lucky and found a very affordable, used glider online. I would recommend others do the same!

6.  Rock and Play – This was a lifesaver for us in the early days, and I would definitely put this on my must-have/essentials list for newborns!

7.  My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow – Though I didn’t nurse for long, I thought this nursing pillow was super helpful in providing support.

8.  Infant Car Seat and Snap and Go Stroller – We actually used my nephew’s infant car seat with my daughter, and it’s still in great condition for re-use. I’m still debating on whether or not to buy a double stroller since I’m not sure if Toddler Checkers will really use it (she hardly sits in any strollers now). I also loved my Snap and Go stroller since it was so lightweight and easy to use.

9.  Miracle Blanket Swaddles – These were our favorite swaddling blankets because they were the only ones that kept our baby’s arms down.

10.  Born Free and Playtex Bottles – I had no issues with these the first time we used them, so we will be re-using them and just purchasing new nipples and drop-in liners. The drop-ins are great for going out, or if you don’t want to be washing tons of bottles all the time.

1.  Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – I borrowed/used a very old Medela double electric pump with Aliya, but since I did not breastfeed for very long, I did not really need a pump. I was reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars on a new pump, especially not knowing how breastfeeding would go the second time around (because my expectation the first time around was to breastfeed for  a year, and I only lasted a few weeks). Luckily, I was able to get this one FREE from my insurance, so we’ll see how it goes! I have heard mixed reviews from friends, but I couldn’t refuse free!

2.  Baby Monitor:  We had a monitor we used with Aliya that just recently went out, so we purchased a new one through Costco.  So far we really like it, and like that we can have multiple cameras with the monitor.

3.  Pack and Play – We actually never owned a pack and play with our first (we borrowed one), and this time my sister was able to hand down hers for the baby. We will probably use this to sleep the baby in our room early on, since we don’t have a bassinet.

4.  Aden and Anais Bibs – All of the bibs we previously used were pink, so we registered for more gender neutral ones.  We have a few friends who really liked the Aden and Anais bibs, so I thought I would try them out.

5.  Bath Pad – We have an infant tub we used with Aliya, but it’s so bulky I was reluctant to pull it out. In the early weeks, we often gave her a sponge bath and she was still too small for the tub. I did some searching online and found this bath pad, which will definitely save space and be perfect for the first month at least!

6.  Books – At my shower, a few moms of boys gifted me books that their sons love, and I didn’t realize there were so many books on cars, trucks, tractors, planes, etc.  Now I have a few of these to read with my boy (and Aliya loves them too)!

7.  Clothes – I am in love with CottonOn Kids.  They often have 30-40% off sales, which is when I buy the bulk of the kids’ clothes. I had a few gender neutral items with Aliya, but had to buy quite a few things for our son. My favorite stores for the kids are BabyGap, Old Navy, H&M, CottonOn Kids, and Target.

8.  Aden and Anais Swaddles – I’m really excited to try these out, since so many moms swear by them! I think I found out about these too late last time, after we had already received some Carter’s receiving blankets (which worked okay, but do not have stretchy material and were not good to use as the baby grew).

I think we are just about ready (at least physically, perhaps not mentally) for this new baby to come out!