Alphabet books are a staple in most homes with young kids. Still there are only so many ways to make the alphabet fun — it’s the same letters in the same order every time. When I started looking for ABC books for Drake I wanted them to be more then just the letters. This is a collection of ABC books we have that make the alphabet stand out and make the reading just a tad bit more fun for everyone.

1) Peanut Butter & Jellyfishes – Drake is 4 and knows his alphabet forwards and backwards, and still requests this book to be read nightly. The rhymes are fun and the illustrations draw you in like a visual feast. Drake discovered that there is at least one other letter hidden in every page as well, and spent a good few nights hunting each one down on the page. There are also lots of additional illustrations of objects starting with each letter all over the pages, which he also likes finding. It’s a fun book to both read and explore.

2) Adventures with Barefoot Critters – Adorably illustrated, the letters help you not only move through the story of these little forest creatures, but also teach about the months as they work their way from January through December. I would have bought the book alone for the drawings, but I love how Juliet can learn her letters while Drake can also benefit and learn his months from the same book.

3) Alphablock – A graphic designer clearly designed this book with its intricate cut outs and letters shapes. This book really is a work of art in many ways, and probably not best for little hands who can rip and destroy. It truly needs to be held and seen to be appreciated, but a beautiful book all around.

4) The Sleepy Little Alphabet – Time for all the big letters to put those little ones to bed along with your own little one. A fun quick bed time story.

5) Alphabet – It’s no lie I am a huge fan of Matthew Van Fleet and his books, so it’s no surprise that we own and love this book.  Juliet is just starting to get an interest in reading books, and I love how interactive and fun this book is. She loves touching the pages and watching Drake make the pictures move, and I love when Drake tries to show her the letters and help teach her the alphabet.

6) Chicka Chicka Boom Boom –  A children’s classic that every kid loves to sing along with. I remember reading this when I worked in a nursery school years before Drake & Juliet and thinking I couldn’t wait to read this one to my own kids one day.

7) LMNOPeas – The Peas are on the job in this funny little book where we see pea astronauts to zoo keepers. The little peas add a little fun and whimsy to the pages and Drake loves looking to see what each and every one are doing. It’s a cute way to introduce a lot of jobs as well to young kids.

8) Creature ABC – Drake’s favorite song is where he sings an animal for each letter of the alphabet. When I showed him this book, it was as if he wrote it himself. Juliet likes looking at the animal pictures and there are even additional facts in the back about each animal.

9) And of course there are always alphabet books for everyone whether it be the Elmo fan, the Boynton lover, the Eric Carle connoisseur, and every other character you can imagine.