It’s hard enough on a regular day to find time for your own hair on a regular day. Or maybe that’s just me. Get everyone else ready and then I remember — I forgot to do my hair! School days are most definitely the hardest of any hair days. It’s usually a rush out the door to get there in time and the goal is to look at least half decent (If you drive to school, it’s much easier to just hide out). There are a ton of hairstyles you can do in just a few minutes that will hold up all day long if you need. Here are just a few…

WRAPPED LOW PONY TAIL – grab your hair in a low pony and take a small strand from underneath and wrap it around the elastic. [image]


HALF BUN – hide the messiest part of the bedhead. Grab half of your hair and wrap it into a loose bun. [image]

TOPSY TURVY PONYTAIL – Create a regular pony tail and then do a couple topsy turvy flips down the length of the tail. [image]

WRAPPED LOW KNOT – like a messy low knot, there is a easy tutorial for this one. [image and tutorial]

HALF TOP KNOT – Half of the classic top knot, like a high version of the half bun. [image]

MESSY BRAID – Classic can’t go wrong when trying to tame crazy bedhead. A regular low braid, side braid or even go french. [image]

TOPSY TURVY PONY – circa 1992, but still so good. A super quick way to make a regular pony look a bit special. [image]

MESSY TOP KNOT – can never go wrong, don’t need a messy hair day to have a reason for a top knot. [image]

And if all these fail, or time just totally fails you. Here are some last minute options…

no.1 burgandy ball cap – no.2 black cloche hat – no.3 grey headband – no.4 striped headband – no.5 floppy fedora – no.6 black ball cap – no.7 leopard ball cap – no.8 wide headband – no.9 slouchy beanie

So much talk about back to school for kids, but hey we can’t forget about us moms. Do you have a favorite quick hairstyle?