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How I Learned to Stop Raising My Voice and Get to School On Time

The other morning, Charlie was late for school and as usual, he wasn’t listening to anything we said. I was growing increasingly exasperated but trying to hold it together and get out the door. “Charlie, put your shorts on! We’re gonna be late for school!!” “Ok, ok!” he said back to me in the exact […]

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The Grocery Shopping List for Kids

I loved Mrs. Chipmunk’s perpetual shopping list and decided to make one for myself because I’ve tried various apps, but good old-fashioned paper lists just work better for me. I shop at a bunch of different places, so customizing a list according to what I buy where makes the most sense. I plan to laminate it, […]

Back to Nature: Weight Loss Edition

Over the last few years in the Hellobee community, I’ve talked a lot about my visits to naturopathic doctors, and the various treatments I’ve tried. At first it was for general health and weight loss, then for PCOS and infertility, then for depression and anxiety, and now we’ve come full circle and I’m back on […]

Preparing For Our 18 Month Sibling Age Gap

When venturing into our parental journey, our hope was always to have our second child when our first was around two years old. Once Roman reached 6 months, I secretly started fantasizing about having another much sooner. Strangely enough, before that 6 month point I had trouble imagining having another at all. I wasn’t traumatized […]


Creative Play with a Sticky Mat

Have you noticed that little ones love stickers and sticking things onto other things? Glue sticks are practically magic! A fun twist on this is a sticky mat, and it’s perfect for even toddlers to explore! This simple and fun activity is basically a sheet of self-adhesive paper that you can attach lots of different […]

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Becoming a Big Sister

When I was still pregnant, I wasn’t terribly concerned with how Aliya would adjust to being a big sister. I knew she loved babies — sometimes she would go up to the random baby at the park and try to give them hugs and kisses (this was before we had a discussion with her about […]

We Go to Church

Disclaimer: I’m talking about religion. These are my beliefs, and though I hold them dear, I also respect your beliefs, non-beliefs and personal decisions.  I grew up in church. We attended every Sunday, there was youth group midweek, and more often than not, I was volunteering as well. Mr O and I met at church, […]

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