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Time Machine – January 2012

Happy Halloween! We’re going to be heading out early to do some trick-or-treating while there’s still some light out. It’s a chilly day here in New York so we’re going to have to bundle up as much as we can under our costumes. Two years ago I gave Charlie a Transformer’s Rescuebot in exchange for […]

Placentas get me every time

A very long while ago, I wrote about how much I hoped for “normal” this time around.  And at 29 weeks, I must say that my wish has been granted for the most part. We moved when I was just out of the first trimester and while finding and getting set up with a new OB was […]


Registering For Baby #2: What We Have, What We Need, What We’ve Learned

When it comes to registering for baby number two, there’s a lot we can already check off the list. Here’s a list of great products we will be reusing (and recommend!) from baby number one, as well as what we’d like to add for baby #2! 1. Boon Naked Collapsable Bathtub : We chose this tub because […]


Talking to Parents of a Special Needs Child

Sometimes D’s issues aren’t obvious, so I don’t think we have hit the worst of the peanut gallery yet. However, Mr. T and I have still had plenty of people say extremely hurtful and inconsiderate things to us about D’s situation. We try not to dwell on them (beyond complaining to each other), but some […]


Hopscotch Twins Have Arrived!

I’m excited to share that last week the Hopscotch twins made their arrival – right at 38 weeks! We are quickly finding out that twins are a whole lot of work, but of course incredibly loveable! On the left is little miss and on the right is little mister (when I’m less sleep deprived I’ll […]


DIY Monster Toss

I am class mom this year for Drake’s Pre-K class. Our first party is coming up this week, a Halloween party, and I have been preparing to make it fun and entertaining for the kids. In the few weeks leading up to this party, I have been glued to Pinterest looking for ideas and decided […]


Christmas Pyjamas for the Family

Christmas jammies are a big deal in the Oatmeal household. Every Christmas Eve, we unwrap a brand new pair of cozy PJs to curl up in and eagerly await Santa. Now that Little Oats is in the picture, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of family pyjamas; coordinating looks for Mom, Dad, kids and […]

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