My 2-year-old enjoyed making these cardboard cookies almost as much as baking the real thing! And I say almost only because there wasn’t any real frosting or dough to eat up, which we all know is one of the best parts of baking! But unlike freshly baked goods that last less than 24 hours in our house, these cardboard cookies will stick around for a while and encourage fun imaginary play.


To get started, all you need are:

Cardboard box or sheet
Glitter glue
Adhesive-backed foam sheets
Colorful paper
A couple of different sized cans to trace around

Step 1: Trace circles onto cardboard. Cut out. If your cardboard is particularly tough to cut through, chop off a few sides first, then whittle down until you have a circle as in pic above.

Step 2: Prep the cookie bake shop toppings! Out of foam sheets, I free-form cut out “frosting” shapes. Snip up some colorful paper to create sprinkles.


 Step 3: Decorate!

 Add sprinkles to the glue while it’s still wet. And get creative! Make swirly and starburst patterns with the glitter glue. And you can even create sandwich-style cookies by putting a double layer of foam “frosting” in between two cardboard rounds.