My family didn’t grow up with many holiday traditions, so I was determined to create my own now that I have my own family.  One simple tradition I’ve always yearned for was the simple act of stuffing stockings and opening them on Christmas Eve, then saving the big gifts for Christmas Day.

I look forward to hanging up our personalized stockings on the mantle each year because that’s when it really starts to feel like Christmas around here.  It’s amazing how much four little stockings can bring me such joy. Mr. Heels and I aren’t really gift people, so our stockings are usually pretty sparse, but we always make sure we fill up the kids’ stockings.

Here are some things I’ve done in previous years, and am considering for this year:

1.  Stickers – Our kids love stickers, and they provide them hours of endless fun. I’ll likely scour Target’s dollar section to see what I can come up with, or possibly get these Frozen stickers for Noelle (since that’s her obsession right now, like every other kid in the world…), and these Bubble Guppies stickers for Jaren.

2.  Finger puppets – How cute are these little puppets for tiny little hands? They’re great for imaginative play too, which only gets more and more elaborate as the kids get older!


3.  Socks – I love cute yet practical gifts that will get nonstop use. Socks definitely fall into this category, and there are some really cute options out there!

4.  Hats and mittens – Again, I love myself some useful stocking stuffers. Hats & mittens are both functional and adorable on little toddler hands and heads.

5.  Temporary Tattoos – Kids love them, they’re so much fun, don’t create a huge mess, and immediately spice up an outfit. So much to love about temp tattoos. Plus, they’re the perfect size for a stocking!

6.  Mini toys – like these My Little Pony mini figures or hot wheels or glitter gliders. We actually own all of these toys and they get played with on the regular around here. They would make the perfect stocking stuffers!

7.  Bath toys – We rotate out our bath toys regularly because of the mold issue. It’s about that time again, so I plan on putting some new bath toys in each of the kid’s stockings this year. They’re the perfect size!

8.  Mini coloring books – I regularly see mini coloring books at Target’s dollar section, so maybe I’ll pick some up and stick it in their stockings. Can never go wrong with coloring books!

9.  Toothbrushes – My kids could always use an extra toothbrush. These make great stocking stuffers because they’re small and practical, so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your money!

10.  Art supplies – crayons, markers, watercolors… the possibilities are endless here! This year I’m thinking about these crafty dab paintspaintbrushes (we’re constantly misplacing the few we have), or these washable glitter pens.

11.  Mini playdoh – We usually make our own, but these mini playdohs are perfect for stuffing stockings. If you have multiple kids, you only need to buy one pack of this and divide it amongst them. If you have just one child, you can just put a few this year, and save the rest for another time!

12.  Treats – There are tons of single-pack treat options out there these days, from goldfish to lollipops to fruit snacks, the possibilities are endless! I do try to limit this to only one or two things since my kids are already bouncing off the walls as it is with all the holiday fare, but they definitely love seeing treats in their little stockings!

What are you planning to stuff in your child’s stocking this year?