Christmas is coming and I have been searching for a doll house for Juliet. She already has her beautiful dollhouse bookshelf her daddy made for her, but her developmental therapist has been recommending a small dollhouse for her to help with imaginative play, fine motor skills, and expressive speech. We got this little Fisher Price Laugh and Learn house toy for Juliet’s birthday and she really loves it. It has two small figures, a frog and dog, and lots of small levers and buttons to play with, all which delight Juliet while also helping her tune her fine motor skills.

Fisher Price makes a little play house and princess castle, both of which are perfect for Juliet right now. They make noises and have small places for her small fingers to explore, while also remaining safe enough for her age set.


Fisher Price also has this cute house that folds up. It comes with a mommy, daddy, and baby and you can buy additional furniture to make it more homey.

When I first started to wander the toy aisles after Drake was born, I fell in love with Calico Critters. I have always loved animals (wonder where Drake gets it from) and loved the darling little animal families, precious little homes and shops the collection carries.

There is another similar line called Lil Woodzeez that also has animals and homes for them. Juliet is still a bit too young to justify the prices of these sets, but maybe when she is older. I am actually hoping that these toys might appeal to Drake too since he loves animals and making little families so, in the future maybe these toys can bring entertainment for both my kids together.

Melissa and Doug makes a nice wooden fold up dollhouse with some furniture and dolls included, which seems like a ice starter set for little girls. I think the folding up part is nice for traveling around and taking it places. They make a larger manor home one as well that’s a bit more pricey.

Kidcraft seems to make a lot of different wooden dollhouses that are several feet tall, which might be nice for a child to grow into. They lean toward the pricier side for a toy, so I probably wouldn’t buy any of these until Juliet was older and showed a marked interest in playing with dolls. As a child I hated dolls personally, so I want to wait to see her level of interest before committing to a more expensive option.

Calego has a larger pop-up doll house that folds flat at a much nicer price than some of the wooden ones. This might be perfect if you already have lots of dolls and accessories and are just looking for a home to place them all in. You can really personalize and make this one your own instead of buying pieces specific to the house.

And while not a traditional dollhouse, I really like this adorable Goldilocks and the Three Bears playset. With the right amount of imagination, you can play out not only the traditional story of Goldilocks but lots of other adventures. I like that it can be taken down and reassembled so it doesn’t take up a lot of space up.  I think Drake would have a lot of fun building the house and playing with the little figurines.

If you are handy or love to DIY, there are tons of ways to create a dollhouse. Maybe I’ll try to wrangle Mr. Chocolate into making a dollhouse.

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via younghouselove and plaidonline

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via suttongrace and semiproper (made from two nightstand drawers)

Etsy even has shops that sell kits, though some of them seem more for display than play.

If you can sew there are some wonderful sewn dollhouse tutorials out there too.

And lastly this was too sweet not to share. A little mouse cozy in his little bed. I think I might have to try this and make one for Drake & Juliet.