The men in my life are notoriously hard to buy for. After a while, there are only so many novelty coffee mugs and t-shirts that are appropriate. Electronics are pricey, gift cards can be boring, and my handmade gift skills are limited to baked goods. So, each year I’m left scrambling for something exciting, new and actually interesting for my dads, family members and Mr. O. Here’s a round up of the best ideas I’ve seen this year.

1. Beer Tote with Bottle Opener  |  2. Pick Punch  |  3. Tetris LED Lamp  |  4. Astronaut ice cream  |  5. Cork Watch  |  6. Stanton Wooden Watch  |  7. Rootbeer brewing kit  |  8. Specialty Chocolate  |  9. Nintendo iphone Case  |  11. Samurai Sword Knives  |   13. Experimenting with Babies book  |  14. Rok Espresso Maker  |  15. Handheld Espresso Maker  |  18. Smartphone Projector |  19. Patterned socks

10. Pebble Smartwatch: This brilliant watch displays your text messages, tells you who’s calling, tracks your food and fitness, and just looks plain cool without you having to take out your actual phone!

12. Intelligent Water Bottle: This bottle keeps track of exactly how much water you’ve had; a handy reminder when you’re on the go!

16. Mophie Battery Cases: These cases hold a full extra charge for your phone and they’re sleek enough to use every day!

17. Morning/Noon/Night Coffee: With different caffeine levels for every part of your day!

What are you gifting the men in your life this year?