Ikea has some pretty great stuff at incredible prices, and their children’s department is no exception. Until November 25th, they are having Ikea family member prices on select items, including their MAMMUT stools, chairs, and tables – the latter two come in soft shades of pink, blue, and green. I’ve been eyeing some Montessori type furniture for my daughter to work upon, and while these admittedly aren’t wood, a $10 chair is all kinds of awesome.

MAMMUT Children’s chair $10.49  |  MAMMUT Children’s table $24.49  |  FABLER 3-piece flatware set, stainless steel $4.99  |  GRATTIS 5-p serving stand with cupcakes set $7.99  |  LÅTSAS 11-piece shopping basket set $7.99  |  LEKA Play book $6.99  |  UPPTRÄDA 7-piece bowling set $9.99  |  SAGOHUS 4-piece fairytale house set $14.99  |  DUKTIG Toy Cash Register $14.99  |  EKORRE Rocking moose $39.99  |  BEBOELIG Children’s tent $19.99  |  MULA Crane with blocks $14.99  |  MULA Bead roller coaster $7.99  |  MULA Shape sorter $4.99

You can have the best toy at the doctor’s office (you know the one, the Bead maze) in your very own home for under ten bucks. Oh – and something else I’d never thought I could house in my home – a folding gym mat in pretty colors – that brings back elementary school gym memories. The MULA Crane looks awesome with its magnetic pieces, and it even doubles as a shape sorter toy. The LÅTSAS shopping basket is brimming with adorable bowtie pasta, a pineapple, a baguette, an eggplant, and more. I love how the DUKTIG Toy Cash Register has a digital number readout (ok, so it’s an oversized calculator nestled in a nice base, but I don’t think my 1980’s check out register could do division).


MÅLA Easel $14.99  |  PLUFSIG Folding gym mat $29.99  |  PYSSLINGAR Mirror $19.99  |  ÖVRE Bed with slatted base and canopy $139  |  TROGEN Storage bench $69.99  |  VANDRING SPÅR Rug $29.99  |  KURA Bed tent $29

.  .  .  .  .  .

What are your favorites?