I admit I’m not much for the holidays. As a child of immigrants, my parents didn’t really understand American customs. We did see family around the holidays and I believed in Santa for a while, but as a whole holidays were always small and never a big production. Even after I married Mr. Chocolate, I was never particularly into the holidays the way he was, stemming from his fond memories of childhood. For many years after we were married I never wanted to even put up a tree — so much work for a few weeks of enjoyment and it was sparsely decorated since we didn’t have many ornaments.

Now that I am a parent though, I have come to see the holidays differently. Since Drake was born I have slowly gotten more into the holiday spirit as I watch the excitement and anticipation build up in him. As he has gotten older, Drake has become more aware of the seasons and the idea that Christmas and Santa are coming. Last year was the first year we took him to pick out a live Christmas tree, and the first time he started to understand the idea of Elf on the Shelf. Now as fall has arrived, he has already started to mention how his elf is coming soon and he is going to be seeing Santa. Watching his joy at the idea of Christmas has changed how I feel about the holidays, and I couldn’t be happier by this. Still after all these years our tree is still pretty sparse, and since I always like a good DIY I thought it might be fun to start making ornaments to add to our tree. It will be a nice way to get ready for Christmas and a bonus to do some projects with Drake to help him get even more excited. Here is a roundup of some pretty, cool, and fun DIY ornaments I hope to try out this season.

Clay Ornaments – These look amazing I’m almost worried I might not be able to do them, but I have to try now after seeing them. This might be a solo project for me after the kids go to bed though since it seems more intricate and delicate.

Jolly Elves – I think Drake would love these little guys. Heck I love them — they are adorable! They look fairly easy to do and while I might have to help him with some small details, overall this looks like a cute one to make together.

Beaded Christmas Tree – Simple and easy and an added bonus of little to no mess. A perfect afternoon project while Juliet is napping.

Twiggy Snowflake – Drake loves picking up sticks when we are outside playing so it would be wonderful to let him make some art out of all the branches and sticks he gathers. The glitter spray makes them look pretty and rustic all at the same time.

Salt Dough Handprints – I’ve always seen the salt dough ornaments but never made them before. It seems simple and straight forward enough. I’m hoping to get Drake and Juliet’s prints this year finally.

Rudolph Ornament – Reindeer are a big deal in our home (Drake asked Santa for one last year), so I knew we would have to try this one. I think knowing Drake we will end up making nine of these if we make them since he will want one for each name in the song.

Christmas Tree –  I have never used washi tape before, but I have wanted to so this little tree ornament is perfect! As a bonus I now have a purpose for all those birthday party hats Drake keeps from parties!

Pasta Snowflakes – I can’t believe these snowflakes are really just pasta shapes.  It seems too simple to be so elegant.

Pinecone Ornaments – I love projects where I can get Drake involved with collecting supplies. It’s fun for him to not only gather, but to see all the things that can be created out of his findings. I think he will love every bit of this one, from the gathering to the glitter.

Button Ornament –  Cute as a button is what this ornament is!  I love the different shades of green.

Wood slice Ornaments –  Mr. Chocolate has been working in the yard all summer and has a lot of random wood pieces all around. This looks like it would be fun coming up with designs.

Salt Dough Ornaments –  Similar to the clay ones, it’s hard to believe you can create these since they look so professional.  I might let Drake help stamp these and play with the dough to make his own creations while I attempt these.

Felt Ornaments –  I have been experimenting more with crafting with felt so this might be right up my alley.  There are lot of patterns online to choose from.

Cinnamon Ornaments –  Drake loves helping me in the kitchen, mixing, pouring, you name it, so this will be a fun one for us. As an added bonus I bet we can find ways to sample some of the apple and cinnamon ingredients and the house will smell wonderful afterwards.

Name Ornaments – The wire work looks a little tricky and I might need to call Mr Chocolate in for some help, but the finished product might be worth the trouble. I might be able to get Drake to wrap them too as fine motor skill practice.

Penguin Ornament –  This is too adorable. Drake loves penguins (along with ever other animal under the sun) so the only problem I see with this one is then trying to make one of every other animal he can name in time for Christmas.

CD Ornament –  Who knew a CD could make something as lovely as this. I’m sure I can find an old unused CD laying around the house collecting dust and put it to better use now.

Christmas Tree in Glass Ornament – There are tons of things you can put inside clear glass ornaments and half the fun is watching the little diorama form.

Snowman Ornament –  Winter isn’t winter without a snowman right? I hope we can make a few to decorate the windows as well as the tree.

Glitter Ornaments –  You had me at glitter!  What more needs to be said then that right!

I am getting so excited for Christmas now!