With December just around the corner, I thought I would share with you this printable watercolor illustrated advent calendar to make each day until Christmas more fun. This is something that your older kids can help you put together, and the artsy boxes can be displayed on a table with other Christmas decorations or stacked against the wall. You can print these individual boxes or I created one more option where you can print the numbers on sticker paper (or regular paper and glue them) and buy already made boxes.  

You will need:

– This 8.5″ x 11” pdf file that you can either print at home or a printing shop in town. Just make sure that the paper is 300g / 140lb thick, so that the box is strong and can better hold the little gifts inside.
– Scissors, for cutting around the edges of the box.
– A ruler and a letter opener to help you fold the dotted lines better.
– Glue or double tape.

If you want to use premade boxes, you can download the printable file here and you can find 3×3” kraft boxes here.

So print away, cut, fold, glue and enjoy hiding/finding little surprises for 25 days!

Happy Holidays!!