It’s Thanksgiving, and we wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone – starting with our bloggers and hostesses!

We’ve always wanted to pay our blogger and hostess teams, and as our site has grown that’s finally become possible.  We’re sending out a bunch of payments this weekend, and will be sending regular payments at the beginning of each month.  A huge THANK YOU to all of our hostesses and bloggers who have volunteered their time and energy to bring Hellobee to this point!!  We couldn’t have gotten here without your help.  As the site continues to grow, we plan to go through our blog archives regularly and start purchasing more and more of the older posts.

We’re looking to grow our blogger and hostess teams in the coming months.


If you’re pregnant or a parent to a child living at home and would like to become a Hellobee blogger, please go here for more information! We’re currently looking for lots of bloggers to join the Hellobee team!  Here are the blogger icons available, all of them painted by the talented Oana Befort:

(Please note that there are no age limits on the age of kids any more.  We’d love to hear from parents of older kids, so please consider applying!) 



We’ll be growing our hostess team in the coming months as well.  If you have over 1000 posts and have started over 200 threads, please go here for more information.


We’ll be launching a paid moderation team program in the next month.  Many thanks to Chopsuey and Rubies who have helped shape a lot of the moderation policies that we’ll be announcing shortly.  More details soon.

.  .  .  .  .

On this day of thanks, we also want to give a big THANKS to all of our community members too! We can’t thank everyone enough for reading the blog, posting threads to the boards, tweeting and facebooking our posts, pinning and repinning on Pinterest, and for all of your helpful comments!!  We couldn’t have made it this far with you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!