I recently did a post about DIY advent calendars, but let’s face it — not everyone has time to craft once the holiday season kicks in so here is a round up of some advent calendars you can purchase instead. 

After joining Hellobee, I learned about the book advent which I personally love. You can do all Christmas books, a winter themeregular books, or a mix of anything you want really. It’s a great way to both add to your library, encourage daily reading with your little ones and get them excited to see what new book they got.

 and Playmobil do a Advent calendar every year where each day you receive a small little toy from the brand that is exclusive to that year’s Advent calendar. The pieces are one of a kind and only given out with the advent calendar, so for those of you who have kids who are collectors and fans of these brands it’s a great option. Lego has a wide variety including the Friends set and Star Wars.

What could be better than chocolate…chocolate for twenty four days! Holidays are always a great time to indulge and a little chocolate might help make the stress of the season melt away easier. There are so many different brands, familiar and unfamiliar, but in the end chocolate is chocolate and always delicious.

For those of you who love Starbucks they have an Advent calendar with little treats in it as well as $5 Starbucks gift card to boot.  This might be the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Drake has a few friends who love the Angry Bird franchise and I know quite a few adults still addicted to the game, so when I stumbled upon this Angry Bird Advent I knew I had to share. It’s neat because every day you receive a small figure that on Christmas Day will be a complete game to play.

If you want to be crafty but want a pattern or some kind of template to work with, this beautiful felt advent calendar can be made by purchasing this pattern, and they even link all the supplies for you so you don’t even need to run around and buy them separately if you don’t want to. I really want to try this one day as I’m very interested in trying my hand at felt crafts.

You could always buy your own Advent box set up and fill it as you see fit.  There are some really beautiful and different ones out there.  I really like this one I found at Target, but they carry tons of other styles.

There are fabric hangings which be filled and take up less storage space.