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Top Posts of 2014

We published 1326 posts in 2014, and we’ve featured the most viewed, pinned, shared, and commented posts, as well as our top recipes and DIY projects from the year below. We’ll be taking the rest of the day and New Year’s Day off, but we’ll be back on Friday with new posts. Thank you so […]

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Roman Meets Iris: A 17 Month Old’s Transition to Big Brotherhood

Iris is home and Roman is officially a big brother. After months of seeking advice on the issue of how best to handle this adjustment for our young toddler and compiling this list of guidelines, Iris arrived quite unexpectedly at 30 weeks, which for Roman meant first adapting to life with less reliable parents. After 16 months […]

Yup, that's an Elmo doll, puzzle and guitar

Embracing The Branding of Childhood

Baby Carrot is nearly 19 months old, and these days, she is obsessed with all things Elmo. A few months ago, she asked for Elmo out of nowhere – I assume she must have seen a show or a few at daycare – and since then, Elmo has slowly but surely taken over our house. […]

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Prepping #1 for #2

Although I’m less nervous about caring for a newborn this time around, I’m still finding plenty of opportunities for anxiety. One of my major concerns is making sure the Trikester adjusts to the new baby. I want the transition to go as smoothly as possible — I don’t want him to feel resentment or sadness […]


Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Hopefully your holidays are going great and you are ready to start relaxing. Adding to the existing Spring Essentials and Fall Essentials lists, I tried to build a winter wardrobe using those two as the base. If you have a decent fall or spring base wardrobe, you don’t need to add too much other then […]

There's nothing quite like seeing them work together and have fun.

Mindful Music

Local. It’s a big thing. BIG. Eat local. Buy local. Support your local ___. I am completely and totally down with the grassroots sentiments behind the movement, and so the idea of being able to consume something like music and know where it’s coming from is huge to me. While I love the idea of […]

6 Memory Keeping Ideas for the New Year

Another Christmas has passed and we are days away from another new year. How fast did that go? January 1st is always the start of new beginnings; a time to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Everyone makes resolutions and I am no different — I want to dedicate 2015 to memory keeping. As […]

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