by Amy of This Heart of Mine Blog

There is something inherently cozy about yarn projects this time of year so when I saw a beautiful, albeit over-sized, set of hanging orbs wrapped in yarn in a department store, I was inspired to make some for my home.

This project is so simple and easy and requires few materials. Plus, you can customize the colors anyway you want! Little hands can help with this DIY while big hands can make a lot in a short amount of time (I wrapped 12 in 45 minutes!).

-yarn, colors are up to you
-foam balls
-eye screws
-hot glue

Wrap the foam balls with the yarn. Wrap the yarn every which way to cover the foam and to make the ball look good.

When the foam has been covered, use a dab of hot glue to secure the yarn end.

Next, add another dab of glue and insert an eye screw straight down into the foam ball. The foam isn’t a strong enough fiber to screw the eye screw in, but putting the screw through some warm glue and pushing it into the foam will hold it in place.

Add a length of ribbon to the eye screw loop.

Then hang them up!