I have fond memories of going Christmas tree shopping with my parents every year, always the day after Thanksgiving.  They would let us pick out the tree, strap it back to the back of our SUV, and we’d spend the afternoon decorating away.  I have always loved the smell of pine infiltrating the house – it really made it feel like Christmas!  I can’t wait to go Christmas shopping with my kids someday, but for now, the fake tree we have stored away in our garage will do.  We use a mish mash of decorations we’ve accumulated, including the meaningful yearly ones I’ve collected through the years.  I love our simple traditional tree, but I also love to admire the many beautiful trees that sprout up all around us as we head into the holiday season.

Here is a collection of various Christmas trees that range from classic to whimsical and modern – no two are alike, but they are all beautiful in their own way:

1| A snowman tree

2| A tree made of family photos

3| A santa (all red) tree

4| A woodland themed tree

5| A creative wall tree

6| Candy lollipop whimsical tree

7| Advent Christmas tree

8| A blue and silver decorated tree

9| Burlap tree

10|  All white decor tree

11| A white, red, and green tree

12| A mini presents tree

13| A unique red and teal decorated tree

14| Upside down christmas tree

15| A peppermint and gingerbread themed tree

16 | Angel themed tree

17| A “tree” made out of books

18| A mittens and ice-skates Christmas tree

19| Collected memories Christmas tree

20| Music and song inspired tree

21| Use vertical lines in your tree

22| A white Pointsettias tree

23| Elegant tree

24| Somewhere over the rainbow tree

25| Traditional red and gold Christmas tree

Does your tree have any kind of theme or color scheme?