I’m always on the lookout for fun new ways to entertain…and anything that includes chocolate is a must for me. This year, I’ve been seeing more and more people talking about hot chocolate bars: a station where you can assemble your own gourmet mug of hot chocolate. This would be perfect for a drop-in holiday party, Christmas Eve with the family, or even a wintry birthday or baby shower! Here are some ideas for creating the perfect hot cocoa bar.

Display this free printable sign to let everyone know what’s available.

Pretty mugs make all the difference.


A wide variety of toppings allows everyone to customize their cup!

These caramel spoons would be a great way to stir in some unique flavours!

Get really fancy and make your own marshmallows.

You can even freeze whipped cream dollops.

For the adults, add peppermint schnapps and Baileys to the rotation.

Dipped marshmallows add a little flair and candy cane stir sticks are always a good idea!

Pirouettes and Pocky are another fun idea for stirrers.

Shredded coconut, nutella and even peanut butter make delicious mix-ins!

You can even make hot chocolate on a stick – just add steamed milk!

What would you add to a hot chocolate bar?