In our family, I like to take things one holiday at a time. There is no mention of Thanksgiving until the month of November, and I don’t take out Hanukkah books until Thanksgiving is over.  So now that I’m officially ready for the holiday season to start, I thought I would share some of the super-cute craft projects that, while messy, look to be mostly toddler friendly. A few are options I will keep in my back pocket for a year or two, until Colin is able to focus on a project for longer than ten minutes and my patience threshold for glitter explosions is greater (if that ever happens).

Candy Dreidels  This looks simple and yummy enough to make an annual tradition.

Felt Dreidel Banner

Paper Strip Dreidels

Paper Plate Menorah  We already started painting clothespins for this already, and it’s proving to be a fun project.  |  Masking Tape Fingerprint Menorah

Hardware Store Menorah

Homemade Hanukkah Menorah Greeting Card Collages  I was surprised to hear that C is already practicing is scissor skills at age 2 at preschool, so this is a project I hope we can work on together at home.

3D Dreidel Cards

Advent-style Hanukkah Home Decorations

Acorn Dreidels

Alphabet Block Menorah

Recycled Materials Project Menorah  We collect toilet paper rolls at home (Colin calls them “telescopes”), so this would be a fun way to put them to a good use.

Edible Memory Hanukkah Gelt Game

Hanukkah Tissue Paper Suncatchers  | Hanukkah Handprint Menorah Picture

Make Your Own Hanukkah Candles

Dreidel Napkin Rings

Felt Hanukkah Wall Hanging