No-Sew Snowman Washcloth Puppet (1)

When January comes, I think snowmen. There’s hardly a dusting here right now, but this is the time I start thinking that I should see snow people around, far more than I do at Christmas!

However, even if I like these chilly creations, I would prefer to stay warm and comfortable while making a snowman. With this no-sew project, you can make a snow friend that won’t melt as it keeps your child company!

If you like sewing, you can very easily replace the fabric gluing steps with either hand or machine sewing.


No-Sew Snowman Washcloth Puppet (2)

Here’s what you need:

A white washcloth (try to find one with squared corners)
Fabric glue

No-Sew Snowman Washcloth Puppet (3)

Fold the washcloth in half and glue the long edge and one short edge.

No-Sew Snowman Washcloth Puppet (4)

Cut two 1 x 12 inch strips of felt for the scarf. Cut some black circles for the eyes, mouth and buttons (they don’t need to be perfect…they are meant to be coal, after all!), and cut an orange triangle for the nose.

No-Sew Snowman Washcloth Puppet (5)

No-Sew Snowman Washcloth Puppet (6)

Wrap one of the scarf strips around the folded and glued snowman about 3-1/2 inches down from the top. Glue the scarf in place, but before you stick the ends down, lay the second scarf strip under the ends.

No-Sew Snowman Washcloth Puppet (7)

Fold the top of the scarf down and glue it in place, leaving the ends free. Trim the ends to the length you want, then cut some fringe.

No-Sew Snowman Washcloth Puppet (8)

Arrange the face and buttons as you like, then glue them down.

Leave everything to dry for 24 hours so that the glue is waterproof. For standard, non-water play, your snowman will be ready in an hour or two.

No-Sew Snowman Washcloth Puppet (9)

As this is made with a washcloth, it’s perfect for in the bath, but your snow person also makes a great regular puppet or snuggly friend. For even more play, make a few more snow friends, allowing your child to help design the characters!

Happy crafting!