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Our little family about a year ago {photo credit: John Croizer}

Ollie Up, I’m Mrs. Skateboard

Our little family about a year ago, sadly the last real picture of all of us {photo credit: John Croizer} Hello, I’m stoked (already throwing in some skater slang) to be the newest member of Hellobee blogging team. I’m a Brooklyn Mamma to 5 and 2 year old boys, Drake and Grant. They are vivacious […]


Our Colic Cure

Colic involves episodes of crying for more than 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days a week in an otherwise healthy child between the ages of 2 weeks and 4 months. Beyond that it is mostly a mystery involving speculations about gas and reflux. In her book, Operating Instructions, Anne Lamott does an […]

My Breastfeeding Plan: The Second Time Around

Oh, breastfeeding. I had such a love/hate relationship with it the first time (more love than hate after we jumped through the initial hurdles, mind you), but I’m determined to do everything I can this time to make this happen smoothly. I know every baby/pregnancy is different and I know things probably won’t go according […]


Quitting the Pump

I shared awhile back about our decision to bottle feed our twins – for the first three months we were doing a combination of pumped milk and formula for the babies. As the twins were each eating about 30 ounces per day and I was only pumping 12 ounces per day, the amount of pumped milk they received […]


Grace is here – a VBAC birth story

Grace Natalie was born on February 21st at 4:31pm. She weighed 7lbs, 2oz and measured 20in long. We are all so in love! On Friday the 20th, Liam and I ran a few errands and had a picnic in the park. He had fun running around playing and I tried to keep up. On our […]

dirty dozen

EWG’s 2015 Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group just released their 2015 list of the dirty dozen (actually dirty 14) produce that you should try to buy organic because they absorb the most pesticides. The clean fifteen on the other hand absorbs the least amount of pesticides, with avocados being the cleanest. You can read the full report here, and […]

Things to do Before Baby #2

Now that we’ve adjusted to the idea of being parents to two kids, we’re springing into action in the time we’ve got left as a family of three. Little Oats is eighteen months, and though she won’t remember her time as an only child, we certainly want to make memories and have a blast before […]

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