Have an infant who is constantly breaking out of his or her swaddle but who is very clearly not at all ready to fitfully sleep when given the freedom of a sleep sack (or just plain old pj’s)?

I just so happen to have two of these babies in my house! And so I present to you: Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.


Baby sleep woes are new territory for me because Miss H was a magical sleeper in her own right – she easily went from swaddle to sleep sack and was sleeping 12 hours straight at 12 weeks. Little did I know we’d hit the baby sleep jackpot!

With the twins it’s been a bit of a different story. They’re certainly not the worst when it comes to sleep, but once they were regularly escaping their Miracle Blankets in the middle of the night at around 10/11 weeks old I got a little scared. They definitely weren’t ready to have full freedom to wiggle about in their crib!

I had many friends who in the past had recommended these magical sleepsuits. At the time I thought they were a bit silly because I had never had a baby who needed extra help in the sleep department.


The “magic” of the suit is that it’s pretty heavily padded and sort of weighs down the baby’s body. They can still move their arms and legs but they can’t flail them around.

We first started Miss Hop in the sleep suit around 12 weeks – first for naps and then at night. She immediately relaxed in the suit and got some fantastic sleep! It was obvious to me that she was mature enough to be able to move her arms and have access to her hands, but still needed the extra weight of the suit.

Mr. Hop was a different story. He definitely wasn’t ready to transition from the swaddle at the same time, in part because he has some bad eczema on his cheeks and was constantly trying to scratch/rub his face. So we kept him swaddled for an extra couple of weeks before making the transition to the sleepsuit. Once in the sleepsuit we kept socks over his hands for a couple of weeks to keep him from attacking his face. We recently removed the socks and I’m proud to say that not only has he been sleeping well in his sleepsuit, he is leaving his little face alone!

So…what’s next? Obviously this isn’t a long term solution, but rather to get you from point A to B. The babies go to sleep well at night and sleep for 6-8 hour stretches. Because we’re just starting to sleep train to help them drop their middle of the night feeding we’ll stick with the suits for a little white longer and then hopefully transition them to sleep sacks when the time is right (or, you know, when we can mentally handle another bout of sleeplessness).

I was lucky enough to find these suits for about half the retail price through eBay, however, I would have happily paid full price for these because they’ve given¬†our family¬†the gift of fantastic sleep. Which, in my opinion, is absolutely priceless.