Before Juliet was born, I tried to find a few new sibling books to read to Drakey to help him prepare for Juliet’s arrival. I ended up purchasing My New Baby and I’m a Big Brother (there is also an I’m a Big Sister version) after hearing several recommendations about them. Now that we are expecting again, I thought I might pick up another book or two for Juliet as well as Drake to remind him what babies are like.


My New Baby – This is a large board book and is shorter and simpler to read than I’m A Big Brother. The text is very short on each page and often poses a question that goes along with what the older child is doing. “I love walking. When will baby walk like me?” I think it was a simple and good introduction to some things that will happen when a new baby arrives like presents, pictures, and story time once the baby is asleep.

I’m a Big Brother – Of the two books we purchased I preferred this one, though Drake seemed to like My New Baby more.  I liked that this one talked about all the things older siblings can do like eat pizza and cupcakes, walk, talk, etc. It showed the differences between being an older sibling vs a baby, and made the older sibling still feel special and loved. They have a I’m a Big Sister book as well which I might get for Juliet.


Spot’s Baby Sister – I just picked this one up at a library sale the other day. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for Juliet as we have several Spot books which she loves. It’s also a pop-up book, and Drake and Juliet both like lifting the flaps. I think Drake can relate to the story when Susie steals Spot’s toy, as well as when she wakes up from her nap and wants to play. I’m so glad I found this one.

The Berenstein Bear’s New Baby – Now that Drake is older, we have started to read longer picture stories and the Berenstein Bears are a favorite for him, as they were for me. Luckily I saved my collection for him and I have a copy of this book. We haven’t read it yet, but I remember the Bears moving because of Sister bear’s new arrival and all the questions Brother Bear had about what a new baby would be like. Drake didn’t have a lot of questions when I was pregnant with Juliet since he was still a bit young, but he might now that he is older and it’s nice to see them addressed in this book.

Hello In There – This book has a female protagonist but I’m mostly interested in it for Drake because the content seems a bit older and complex. I like the idea of exploring all the questions kids can have about what babies are like, even before they are born. I read about the little girl in the story asking if it was dark inside the womb, or if the baby could hear her. I think these are all great and normal questions kids have, and I would love to explore Drake’s thoughts about these things before Gumdrop’s arrival.

Waiting for Baby – This is by the same author as My New Baby. I like the perspective of waiting for the baby that hasn’t arrived yet and addressing all the concerns kids might have beforehand. I think coupled with the My New Baby book, these are great books to teach kids about what an impending baby is like.

Best Ever Big Sister – I am adding this one to the list because the author Karen Katz has quite a few board books for kids. Juliet and I attend story time weekly at the library and one of her books is read at every session, so Juliet is very familiar with the illustrations of her books. I’m going to check the shelves this week when we are at the library.

I’m A Big Brother/Sister – The  illustrations in these books drew me in, as well as the fact that I like how the focus is on how fun and exciting being an older sibling can be. I like that it shows that even though there is a baby in the house, older siblings are still important in so many ways from helping, to teaching, to doing so many things babies can’t. I think it’s important to make sure kids know how special having a baby can make them too, as well as show them how much they can do since they aren’t babies.

Big Brother Daniel Tiger – Drake has watched many episodes of Daniel Tiger on our Amazon Prime and loves to sing the little ditties he picks up from the show. I read not too long ago about Daniel becoming a big brother, though we didn’t see the episode yet. I think Drake might like this book since the characters are familiar and I can tie it in after I show him the episode.

.  .  .  .  .

I think this is a good mix of fun books for both Drake & Juliet’s age set and I really hope it helps get them prepared and excited to welcome their new sibling come August!