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Enforcing Chores is Such a Chore (+ Free Printable Chore Charts)

The topic of chores has been popping up a lot lately. First, I read a Farmer’s Almanac article from 1867 called What Every Farmer’s Child Should Know. It doesn’t state the age of the child, but it got me thinking about my pampered little Sk8ers.  Then, on two different occasions, with two Moms near and dear to my heart, […]

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Baby Pencil’s 1 year update

Like most moms, I’m shocked how quickly time flies by! I swear I was just a wreck of a newbie mom a second ago. Baby Pencil’s current 1 year stats are: Weight 22 lbs 4 oz Height 30 inches Current likes and dislikes: loves to clap loves to cruise and is starting to stand on […]

Birth Stories Roundup

My two childbirth stories could not be more different. When I was pregnant with my Charlie, I loved reading other people’s birth stories so I could prepare myself for what to expect. I also read books and took a childbirth preparation class. Despite thinking that I was prepared for the birth I wanted (epidural please!), […]

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Author Spotlight: Jez Alborough

by: Mrs. Carrot My first introduction to Jez Alborough was a few months ago, in an indie book store in Washington DC. I tend to buy most of Baby C’s books there, to assuage some of the guilt I feel over buying pretty much everything else on Amazon. I was with two of my best friends, […]

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Basic Water Table Materials + 5 Fun and Easy Activities

Now that it is warm outside, we have finally put together a water table for Little Lion! Ours is nothing fancy… just a under-bed storage bin that we placed on top of a small table outside. Little Lion loves splashing, pouring, dumping, and filling up the bed of his dump truck, but I wanted to find […]


Crib to Bed Transition: Update

When I last left off, Miss H was sleeping perfectly well in her new twin bed. We had a fantastic first month where the switch from crib to bed seemed like a great idea – she was napping great on the weekends, sleeping great at night, and all was well. And then she realized she […]


Really Cool Tees for Boys

When it comes to dressing my son in the spring and summer (actually fall and winter too), it’s tee shirts pretty much every single day. It makes getting dressed easy for him (and me) in the mornings and it’s just what he likes to wear most of all; playtime favorites if you will. Finding cool things […]

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