Growing up my family never did much for Easter, so it was never a big holiday in my mind. Mr Chocolate’s family celebrated a with a small basket which his mom always sent them on a riddle hunt to find, as well as Easter egg hunts with the cousins. When Drake was born Mr Chocolate wanted to recreate some of those memories and has had a little Easter egg hunt every year for Drake. It’s nice to have these small family traditions and Drake loves finding the eggs (filled with Goldfish) on Easter morning. I was searching for basket stuffers recently, and thought I’d share our little list of cheap but fun things to add to your kids’ baskets.

easter basket stuffers under $10

1) Stuffed Animal – It’s hard to think of Easter and not think of chicks, bunnies, and lambs. My kids love stuffed friends and they really brighten up a basket.

2) Chalk – With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to start playing more outside. Drake loves drawing on the patio and driveway and we go through a lot of chalk, so Easter is a great time to restock. I was able to buy a few packs of 4 pieces each for $1, plus it was buy one get one half off so I got a few sets for very little.


3) Bubbles – All kids love bubbles and mine are no exception. Drake got quite a few bubble sets from his school friends for Easter so I didn’t buy more, but I’m keeping this in mind for next year since it’s such a hit with this age.

4) Go Go Animals – Drake and Juliet got the Go Go Animal sets for Christmas from Santa. They have the animals that came with the set, but there are more to the series. Drake has been working to earn more animals since he plays with them without the sets, so the Easter bunny decided to get him one or two for his basket. Truthfully my kids don’t use the actual tracks as much as they just roll the animals around or role play with them, so really you don’t need the tracks to have fun with them.  They talk and light up and are nice for little hands to grab (like Juliet). Besides animals, they also have car versions too.

5) Flash Light – Drake and Juliet have become obsessed with flash lights recently. I think it’s because we had a few power outages due to the snow storms this winter, and now they love racing around the halls before bed with them or watching Mr Chocolate make shadow puppets. After losing all our flash lights and lanterns to Drake’s room, I think it’s time he got his own. These Melissa Doug ones are cute and I’m sure we will be exploring the backyard at night soon with them.

6) Bath Toys – I tend not too buy many new toys since we lack the space, but the bath tub is the big exception. Both my kids are water babies so whatever keeps them happily entertained for a few more minutes is alright by me. They can also double for play in our water table when the weather gets a little warmer.

7) Puzzle Packs – Drake has been receiving a lot of these little packs of puzzles as goodie bag favors recently. He loves them and there are so many different options to choose from depending on your child’s interest. I like that they go back in a bag so I can take it to a restaurant and it keeps him occupied.

8) Books – There is never an occasion where books aren’t a great addition.  I buy them for every present giving opportunity and my kids love books too, so it works well. There are lots of Easter options, but you don’t need to stick with the holiday theme if you don’t want to.

9) Coloring Book/Crayons – You can never have enough coloring books and crayons if you ask me. They are quiet, clean, and encourage independent play for all those rainy days or long waits in waiting rooms; they are the best for keeping little hands busy. Water Wow is also a great option and I keep one in my diaper bag for when we are out.

10) Stickers – Oh the magic of stickers! Such a small thing can bring such delight. Drake is big on stickers these days especially since we are using them on his reward chart, and he has his own sticker book.

What are you putting in your little one’s basket this year?