My two childbirth stories could not be more different.

When I was pregnant with my Charlie, I loved reading other people’s birth stories so I could prepare myself for what to expect. I also read books and took a childbirth preparation class. Despite thinking that I was prepared for the birth I wanted (epidural please!), I ended up with a c-section for not making enough progress after 3 hours of pushing; that was something that I had never considered happening at all! I think it should have been a topic in my childbirth class because several of my friends also ended up with unplanned c-sections.


With Olive, I had a scheduled c-section so I thought I knew exactly what to expect this time around. I ended up going into labor 5 weeks early, and because she was small, I ended up with a VBAC! So much for the scheduled c-section! It really was a little shocking on the day of both my labors when things didn’t go like I anticipated. But even though neither of my births went according to plan, overall I had a positive experience with both and don’t have any regrets.

I think the only thing you can count on when it comes to childbirth is that it usually doesn’t turn out how you expect! The best thing you can do is to read real labor stories so that you have an idea of what could happen.

We’ve featured many birth stories on Hellobee over the years, and I’ve rounded them all up here, from unmedicated births to home births, water births, epidurals, c-sections, VBACS, preemies, adoption, to surrogate births. Also check out this Swarm thread where our bloggers chime in on what they would change about their labor/birth!

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Unmedicated Water Births & Home Births

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Medicated Birth Stories

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C-section Births

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VBAC Births

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Surrogate Births

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Adoption Births

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